Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So here they are - merry Christmas

Actually that is something that one of my cards rarely says - Merry Christmas. I am Happy with Happy but Merry for some reason, doesn't sound right to me. It is in the list of phrases that make me grit my teeth

  • Merry Christmas
  • and all the trimmings
  • and without further ado
  • what's the drill? (that's a family one)

I digress, for a change..
Anyway I have now made about 65 cards like this. Enough for me! And most of them are posted - a whole 4 days before the end of second class posting! Not the ones for abroad mind, they go last in our house! I try and come up with a fairly simple design every year but it turned out to have quite a few steps

  1. print sentiment
  2. round corners
  3. choose 3 co-ordinating papers
  4. cut star and trim to cut off one point.
  5. trim second patterned paper and round corners
  6. punch border on strip of third paper
  7. ink edges of paper
  8. add outlines with sparkly black pen
  9. add sharpie pen outline to star and do glue pen and glitter routine.
  10. put foam pads on the back of the star
  11. stick everything down
I could never, ever, ever do wedding stationary. The thought of doing all that but to look identical each time would send me bonkers! (ok more bonkers)

Must get on with wrting nativity reflections - for a carol service this afternoon. I'm doing Mary remembers and we are only up to Joseph agreeing to marry her so far...


Milliesmarvels said...

This are great, am impressed you made 65. I made 6 cards the same last night and found that tedious even though I did like th speediness of having so many cards finished at once instead of 1 hour a card I made 6 in 1 hour and a half!

Ruth said...

Lovely! I'm right there with 'merry Christmas' - my mum dislikes it (and raffles) and I caught it from her.
But then you do get the 'happy Christmas and a ... New Year' problem - I usually go for peaceful, contented or just 'lovely' new year - or if I'm feeling really upbeat - 'great'!
Hope the reflection has come together.
Just made me think - when Mary was pondering things in her heart, do you think it was the equivalent of a journal or scrapbook? x

Kathy said...

Fab cards Lythan - and well done on getting them all written and posted too - I've had all mine made for ages, but still have a batch left to write.

Vicky said...

These are great, well done for making 65 of them. I managed to make 3 of the same design!
I'm with you on the 'merry' christmas. Along with 'At the end of the day'. :)xx

Lynda said...

Wow Lythan these are gorgeous!

Love Lynda xxx

SueH said...

I bet you had a great little production line going there Lythan.

I always love your ‘simple’ designs, even if they are labour intensive.
Really beautiful!