Friday, October 08, 2010

What's that smell?

Yesterday I could smell a smell. Not a really bad smell but just a vague whiff. It wasn't the dog (for a change) or a child (having showers as I sniffed). I even asked Phil if it was me. He gave me the odour once over (brave man) and pronounced me clean. Relief. However this morning I tracked the smell down. Although he was thorough he missed my feet. My fluffy lined crocs are now in the wash...

OK so it hasn't been a newsy week.
Well my MA course started and eeeek! it is going to be hard going. I am back for a full day in Cambridge tomorrow and have loads to read and think about before the next seminar. Also starting to get clarity on my dissertation and I am quite excited about the research. Possibly not the writing though.

Last night there was a target setting/work placement meeting at Carys' school. It all reminded me of when my three were babies. I was mad enough to have three kids in under 4 years (3 years, 10 months to be precise). But each time I was pregnant/gave birth the advice was slightly different. Weaning was 2 months/3months/4 months. I do believe it is about age 2 now (actually it is 6 months, I just checked). Well it is the same with exams etc when they are teenagers. Each time we get to GCSE's there is something just a little bit different to keep everyone on their toes. Carys is expected to do pretty well - she just needs to knuckle down and work. (Don't we all...)

OK on to the crafting
It is DCM dare day today and Rein came up with the idea of using Office Supplies. So here is my card. I had the wild and wacky idea of stamping on office labels. And decided to split the image between two labels as an interesting effect. They are very translucent I discovered... I stuck the two halves onto different Echo Park A Walk in the Park papers. And then realised that the middle of the butterfly was missing more than I wanted it to. Inspiration! Use a paper clip. I quite like that. The upper body is raised in foam pads. Other office supplies used are - staples; scissors for shredding and cutting up cards to make a fringe; hole punch to make holes.
Take a look at all the wonderful cards the rest of the team have made - they are fab!


Kathy said...

Ohhhh very clever, Lythan - I like the use of the labels and the paperclip was inspired.
Good luck with the next bit of your MA - sounds way too much like hard work

Jo said...

The paperclip looks fab and really works to tie up the two images, gorgeous card!


(hope your crocs survived the wash lol)

Lynda said...

A very clever bit of stamping there Miss. Fabulous card.

Love Lynda xxx

Samm said...

Really cute, love the little paperclip, great idea! x