Friday, March 21, 2008

Good, Good Friday

It's only 2:15 in the afternoon and I'm ready for bed!
I'm exhausted - but in a good way - following our annual Journey with the Cross through the centre of Romford. I got to lead the part about Jesus dying for us on the cross - that part is always done in the middle of the market place. I was just a teensy bit nervous (you know most of us public speakers still do get the butterflies, we just get better at hiding it!). I think it went ok though. There were LOADS of Christians from many Churches worshipping together. Amazing. And we also gave out hot cross buns with leaflets explaining why they have a cross on them to those who were shopping in the market.
That reminds me, I haven't had one yet. There were buns for everyone at the end of the service but there were so many of us we ran out :( Well :) really but not if you didn't get one like me!
But it has left me rather drained. Many of my Church of England and Catholic colleagues have 3 hours this afternoon as well!

Onto this weeks Daring card. Sue H came up with a fantastic dare this week

It’s all in the Game
Tiddlywinks, playing cards, dominos, jig saw pieces…….the list goes on and I’m sure that most of us have a drawer somewhere that has the odd one or two of these lying around in.
Well now’s your chance to use them because I dare you to make a card using some of those pieces.

I have had these mini playing cards for yonks. I bought them from Crafts by Carolyn with all sorts of ideas of how to use them. This is the first I've used...
The paper is "play" by American Crafts - rather apt doncher think? with just a bit of doodlling added. How did I manage before my crafting buddy Jo Kill started the black and white stripes and I slavishly copied her? They just add something fresh and funky wherever they appear!. I just added some letter stickers from my QVC card kit from two years ago and that's it really. You may be able to tell I had to create an apostrophe. But I bet you didn't notice that the 'r' was originally an 'n' did you? I love letter stickers like this but they are hard to find. I don't know WHY Making Memories stopped doing their bitty letters, especially before I ever had a chance to buy any. If you can source any other similar ones then do let me know!

Once I've rested and eaten my hot cross bun I have to tidy away my scrap space NOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo!!!! until Monday as Phil's mum and sis are coming to stay and my suggestion that one slept in Carys' room to save me the bother fell on deaf ears....
I am looking forward to seeing them though!


Sandy said...

Wow this card is fabulous. Totally gorgeous. Love it.

Hazel said...

Great card, Lythan (I have lots of mini cards and occasionally use them - must dig them out). Hope you enjoyed your hot cross bun - your morning sounded good, although tiring. Happy Easter

Judy said...

Love your card, Lythan, I really like the background paper you used!
Easter blessings to you, too

SueH said...

Hi Lythan, I’m so pleased that you’ve found time in your busy schedule for some craft time. Love the card you’ve made for this weeks DCM dare, it’s just perfect.
As for the stickers…..I may have something for you the next time we meet!

I hope your Easter celebrations go well and you have a wonderful weekend.

Jane said...

fab card Lythan- really cool . Andy loves it too !happy happy Easter wishes......Jx

artfulstampin said...

HAPPY EASTER! Praise the Lord for JESUS, he washes us whiter than the SNOW.

~Emma~ said...

Love the colours you have used...and I think we are all to blame for nicking the doodling idea!

Andrea C (Frog) said...

lovely card Lythan.

Andrea x