Friday, March 28, 2008

Pins and needles.

My arms are aching this morning. I think I was sleeping with them flung over my head again! I've started doing that a lot. Or I wake with them above my head and folded. And I'm just not young enough to spring back easily any more. I also sometimes sleep on my arm and have pins and needles enough that I lose all feeling in my arm. Its quite funny in that I can feel it is there when it makes contact with the rest of my body, but not in itself. And I can't move it either. Well it is funny until the blood flow starts working properly again and the the pins and needles REALLY hurt.

While I am wittering away (yes it is sermon avoidance Friday), isn't it strange how we only say "pins and needles". "Needles and pins" doesn't sound right. And I knew a chap from the Czech republic who told me how much he loved "chips and fish" and I had to suppress a giggle. And my all time fave one of these (whatever it is) is that the French for "walkie talkie" is ...
"talkie walkie"

All of which is an inane way of introducing today's Daring Cardmaker theme.
Pins and Needles
Its very simple really (prickly maybe but..:) I want you to design a card to any theme- but I want you to include pins or needles of some sort. Sewing needles, safety pins, dressmakers pins- any type of pin goes !:)

I was stumped to start with.
It wasn't helped that I found a cute little safety pin and promptly lost it. And I know I have a few coloured ones somewhere. But I eventually found a pretty dressmakers pin and decided to use that to fix a flower.

Everything bar the flowers, gem and pin is from the February Self Addressed kit. I love these shaped cards and on the kit inspiration page they had a few turned this way up. You have to lean them to display but I figured that was ok!
The paper is We R Memory Keepers whiteout given the ol' black pen treatment. I have to admit I am mighty pleased with the effect. The flowers are a gift from the radically awesome Kathy B. I jsut love the vibrant colours and they are so soft and pliable. They also took black pen really well! The little punched green circle has orange stickles (current fave) and white opal liquid pearls on it plus a cheapo gem. Handwritten "hello".

I am hoping to do some of the dares and challenges for when I am away over the weekend but it depends how long it takes me to pack ready for Monday! SO this may be "goodbye" again for now. But like Bianca and Rick-AY... I'll be back


Sandy said...

Wooooooooooow this is perfect. Great paper, this is wonderful. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

wonderful card....just lovin your style!

Jane said...

gorgeous as ever - you clever stick ! x

Judy said...

Beautiful card, Lythan, love the paper and bright bloom!

Jo said...

I do so love reading your blog - you always make me smile. Gorgeous card - I couldn't find any pins with ends aka as I now know as dressmakers... but yours looks brill.
'Fizzy feet' is the Joshism for pins and needles....

jo xx

SueH said...

What a great way to attatch your flower to the card.
I also love the way you've doodled around the petels, it really does make them stand out.

In fact, it's another fabby card!

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Lovely card Lythan

Andrea x

The Cryer Family said...

Brilliant card - love it!