Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pubic Service Announcement

If you fall over in Tesco car park and cut your knee taking a fair bit of skin off, don't be a cheapskate and think - the shop can give me a plaster. No, just suck it up and buy your own antiseptic wipes and plasters and sort it out yourself. That will avoid having to wait for 20 minutes for a first aider to appear (who was more injured than me. His arm was in a sling which meant giving first aid was a bit tricky...) and the embarrassment of having to fill out a long form in triplicate for a grazed knee.... I was ever so lucky - having got to the age when falling can mean breaking something. I can't afford that so near Christmas! I just have a lot of aching bits and a bruised ego!

The last week has gone by in a bit of a blur with card club, services aplenty, a trip to see my DCM pal Sue for a gift exchange (yay!) including the most spiffing present which wasn't wrapped that I can have for now. Which I need to photograph so will do that for tomorrow. It is amazing! (Just a big build up so you will come and visit tomorrow) OK back to the list - doing work for next term's Imagine That class (see below), MA work in Cambridge, writing Christmas cards (I know! I usually get round to this the day before last second class posting!), serving soup and cheese at the Church lunch, visiting - and falling over.

Anyway I thought I would show my Imagine That doodling class. This is number 2 in a series which is great fun - only I am now at the end of my own doodling comfort zone and the next class will involve doodling proper shapes direct onto a layout (eeek!). Still, that will be in a few months time. This time we will be looking at doodling in shapes. I chose a photo of my dear Sister in law Erica, not a brill photo but she looks radiant I think. And it is of an event where she was the belle of the ball, which was just what she needed.
I'm not going to give it all away - you will have to book a class! But I used the lovely Crate Paper Mia collection (which is weird because you wouldn't think all the patterns and colours would go together but they do), a Heidi Swapp butterfly mask (guess who has discovered that they can't draw butterflies unless they look rather fat?) , tall timbers letters by Technique Tuesday and Sakura Glitter pens. It is a funny old photo because I asked Phil to photograph it in daylight and he forgot so this is taken in the shop and I had no chance of getting it straight really! It is even more sparkly in real life!

Emma asked how I made the scallop card with the fold. The easiest way is to show you. If you have a big shot and big shaped dies you can make, well, bigger cards this way! I have a cuttlebug and nestability dies which means that the cards are on the petite side, about 10 cms high I reckon.
As you can see you first fold over your cardstock and then make sure the die goes slightly over the edge. I've used a plain circle this time. NB if you are using nesties don't forget to add other paper underneath as, if you do own any nesties I am sure you know how well they like to sink into the cuttlebug plates ! You end up with something like this
only hopefully more in focus!


Kathy said...

Oh Lythan, I hope you're feeling less "shook up" by now. You poor sausage!

Can't wait to see this mysterious pressie.

Just thinking - when you and Sue come to play robo how about giving us a doodling lesson - I could sure do with some help!

Love the LO and it's great to here your SIL is getting on so well.
Great tutorial -= even if I don't have any nesties. My biggest circle is about 3cms - wouldn't make much of a card - but could make a cute little tag for one

Hazel said...

Sorry to hear about the fall, but glad no bones were broken. Lovely LO. Look forward to seeing what your pressie is.

Anonymous said...

Hope the knee and the ego are feeling a little less battered today.
Wonderful LO....your SIL certainly does look radiant.