Monday, June 04, 2012

Hugging myself with joy

why? I hear you ask?
I have had a splendidly crafty day with Sue H today. Sadly it is our last crafting session together before the big move although we do have plans to get together with another crafting pal next week so it wasn't goodbye
why am I only now thinking that I should have taken a photo? bah.

And also
I am the current guest designer for Quirky Kits
Soooo cool. I've been sent both the big kit and the small kit. My plan is to use the larger one for as many layouts as possible before using the small one and then merging them afterwards. Currently I have made 4 layouts and 1 tag and there is at least one layout left in the kit. I've only revealed two on the blog so far. I'll show them here but if you want details and close ups then pop over to the Quirky blog for more. I love the Quirky!
I also love the layout of the Quirky blog which means you can make your work extra large without covering over a side bar. One day I will summon up the courage to mess around with my template as this is a bit tired now. (Still like my plain, no frills header though so that will have to stay. Probably)

It has also been a good day in that my fabby husband has done oodles of work on the house in terms of tidying boxes up. He has discovered the joy of vacuum packing duvets and pillows. Unfortunately we are going to need some of them before we move. I suspect anything that keeps still is going to be vacuum packed in the near future. I'm not complaining. He is a man worth more than rubies as Proverbs 31:1O meant to say


SueH said...

I certainly had a fab time on Monday Lythan but sad that it was the last time we get to craft together for a while. Mind you, I’m pleased that didn’t remember to take a photo because I hate having my picture taken.

The LO’s that your making with the kits are beautiful and having seen what was in the kits and the next couple of LO’s that you’ve made with the contents, I have to say they’ve certainly got your creative juices going.

Happy Crafting


Annette said...

So pleased you are showing your scrapping skills with Quirky. I love these kits ( don't they remind you of the old days and Self-addressed with the fab papers and smattering of several different embellishments? I've waited a long time to find a kit to replace the SA one.