Friday, February 05, 2016


Goodness, this crochet thing is addictive. There is something very satisfying about the way the wool runs through my fingers and it grows fast too.
Here is the finished rainbow blanket

with cute edging (that is probably a tad too tight!)

and here is the start of the next one
which is a pattern called "Spice of Life"

We have even started a cochet club at church - most are beginners, so we shall see how many come next time but we had 10 there yesterday (so crochet getting its hooks into you does not just apply to me then!)

But I haven't lost my love of paper crafting and I was only 10 minutes late adding my card to the Daring Cardmakers blog this week. It was an elemental inspiration dare and here is the photo we had to take ideas from
and what I did with it...
Can you see?
  • Animal prints (the paper and the three layered stickers are  from an old Crate Paper collection, On Trend. those red looking stickers are MUCH more pink in reality); 
  • love spelled out in tiles (they are shiny gold from an Old Quirky kit);
  • heart with words on: I found some black/white striped paper in my stash (is it Dear Lizzy Documentary) and wrote some of the words on the heart in the picture in what Phil lovingly calls my messy handwriting
  • fuschia elements - pink Prima dots
I wanted the heart to overhang so cut the front of my card. I then backed it with vellum for some added interest.
Must remember to hide the card as it means valentines is now done....

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Kathy said...

The composition of your card is perfect, I love this design with the big heart and everything. How dare he call you writing messy - doesn't he realise how many people are green with envy at your lovely handwriting? He needs a slap ;)
I love your blanket, so beautiful and colourful - just looking at it makes me feel warmer!