Saturday, August 12, 2006

3 return plus thousands extra, 2 depart

I sent the kids away finally nit free. With some great new 'bugger off and never come back but oooh so good for hair' spray.
But all it needs is one little teensy tiny stubborn egg that I have missed to become an army.
I hate them.
So tis back to being monkey mother for a while. Maybe by the end of the holidays... but then once back in school someone else will have them.
It is a huge problem that probably will only be sorted out if all school children had shaved heads.
I'm convinced that they like the smell or taste of certain people rather than others - as mosquitoes do. Some children never get them. Mine can't get rid of them.

I'll pause for a moment for you to scratch your head.

I had a horrid day yesterday. A hall user at one of my churches rang up and haranged me. Although he has a right to be miffed about what happened what he said was totally over the top, down right rude and unjustifiable.
I can say that today.
Yesterday I just thought he was right.

I still struggle with self esteem issues and it takes very little to squish me. I am so much better than I was last year when the black dog was with me all the time. But I've still got a way to go. And another horrible confrontational meeting today. But it's face to face which I can cope with better.
Then there is the small matter of a sermon and packing for the holiday...
Phil has just taken Spot and Mrs M for their hols. They are going to the chicken equivalent of a cattery (what would you call it?)

I have done two more cards that were needed for sending today and carys made one for my dad too.
Phil's brother Martin is 40 next week. Not possible as we are older than he is...
Paper is SAkit for July. UTEE'd star plus brads from carolyn's

This one uses SA kit for August. May arts ribbon. Carolyn's bargain brads again (which means I can use loads!) UTEE'd numbers and hearts. I have some divine turquoise utee and also experimented with putting extra fine glitter in a bag with some clear crystals. I obviously haven't got the mix right yet but it gives a distressed look.
And finally the card Carys made. I give a few hints and suggestions but she works it out. Tag and Dog are QK, letters are Girls are wierd. Paper is We R Memory Keepers. Oh I love double sided paper.

Well family - (2 adults, 3 children, some nits) are off to cold and rainy scotland tomorrow. sermon now done, (again blogger hasn't let me put up any photos until 3 in the afternoon. began blogging at 10) just the packing eh?
See you in a fortnight dear readers!


The Amazing Nevard said...

I'd call a chicken cattery a poultrery because it sounds good.

maggie said...

Have a great holiday Lythan hopefully Scotland wont be that cold & wet although i wouldn't put a bet on it.looking forward to hearing all about it.

Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

Lythan - I was talking about your UTEE'd numbers today to Tracey M and lo and behold I come onto your blog and you've done more!!!! Love the cards you and Carys made - and I am thinking I need to unearth my heat gun and buy some UTEE and play :-)

Have a fab holiday :-)

Jane said...

have a fab holiday Lythan. forget all about the moaning peeps of this world !

Paula said...

a chickery?

See I come to your blog for inspiration, but somewhere between me seeing it and getting said inspiration, and me sitting down to do something about it - it vanishes into thin air!

Paula said...

a chickery?

see I come to your blog for inspiration, get some, and somewhere before me saying "I will do.." and sitting down to do, the inspiration disappears!