Thursday, August 10, 2006

Yeah, yeah, yeah the kids come back

back from their magical journey...

yup, I'm gonna be singing magical trevor all day today.
And I've discovered trev has a new song! (can't tell you what it sound slike cos my speakers aren't plugged in so if its rude I apologise)

Anyway kids have been away since July 25th so i'm missing them a lot and can't wait to see them today. Except I had already arranged stuff for today before i knew it was pick up day and so I'll have to wait til they get home about 5:(
Phil will rendevous at Oxford and swap kids for our dog.

I'm starting to get holiday-itis. it is not as bad as usual becase I'm not worrying about missing the ferry. what happens is that I get so worked up about going on holiday I exist on very little sleep for a few days before and so spend the first few days being completely horrid to everyone and the next few days apologising. Then we have a few days relax before I start to worry about the journey home.
So i was awake at 5 and got up at 6 today. ended up making a scrap page.
Its all about how we read all the time and lists some favourite authors. I was going to hand write titles on the stripey paper to be like spines but hey, life's too short. Did hand cut the 'bookworms' and add the stripes though!
I didn't photograph all the book piles either...

Last night I was still supposed to be sorting washing and ironing but had to make an engagement card as a commission instead. I'm always pleased to get commissions and thehn I feel sick and then I get cross because what I want to do I can't. With this one I was told that they like holidays, cars, golf and are going on a cruise. Now if I had a boat shape I could have done something about sailing off into the sunset, but I don't. The last engagement card I did was nice - but it was for Jill's sister so it couldn't be the same.
In the end I did this...
The hearts are a qk die - I was pleased that it (just about) cut mountboard so that I could utee them. I also tried making my own gold utee by putting some extra fine gold glitter in a bag with some clear utee. Kind of worked!

I may get one more blog in before hols - especially if holiday-itis persists. Otherwise I'll see you on the other side!


Kathy said...

Lythan - CALM DOWN, I can feel hyperactivity vibes through your blog!

*Have a lovely reunion with the kids
*The scrap page is great
*The engagement card is fab
*Thank your lucky stars you're not flying the way things are at the airports today - that thought alone should help you relax
*Think lovely. calm thoughts...

maggie said...

Love the scrap page & the engagment card Lythan.I know how you feel about going & coming home from holiday im a bit like this myself only i worry we will miss our flights going i dont mind if we miss them when coming home.Have a great time look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.