Friday, November 10, 2006

Guten Morgen! Bore Da! Bonne Matin!

Oui, la challenge pour cette semaine etait de fabriquer les cartes en langue different. Ce n'est pas facile! Mais j'etait tres impressed par toutes les cartes des mes "Daring Cardmakers" amis.

Phew that is enough for me. You wouldn't think I had French A level would you. Mind you I got German o level and can't put a sentence together at all in that. I also got up to (but could not pass, sob) level 2 in BSL but that isn't really helpful as you can't see my arms waving about.
Although we are getting a Webcam at christmas time... (mind you my mum will be able to see what i'm doing when i talk on the phone.... usually playing spider solitaire)

So... this weeks dare was to make cards with different languages on. Seemed a tough brief! But wow! look at the cards!
(I will just pause here to tell you that when I mentioned the 'dares' at breakfast this morning, my two boys disdainfully scoffed and said that these are not dares but simply challenges. Yea, thanks for the support guys)
It's funny how just about all of us in chatting to each other really lacked confidence in what we had produced. But I think this is the best work so far!
So here is the science bit on mine...
OK I have realised that this one is mostly English - but it made me smile!
Papers are from the September Self Addressed kit. The hands are a QK die and are mounted on springs of wire (which looks nice but makes it difficult to phtograph or scan). The blue strip of paper has been through a Goosebumpz.

This means 'Congratulations on your new baby' in Welsh
This one was based on the Pencil Lines card sketch for this week. (That blog and the Speshals show just how much talent there is here in the UK)
BG Lily kate papers, one of Auntie Sarah's Bloomers, gorgeous brads are from Carolyn's shop. So are the hand and foot but they aren't in stock any more. Hope they come back becaue I love them!

I've finished Flying Under Bridges now. So good. It's a great story but also provides food for thought. I am also reading Shaman's Crossing by Robin Hobb. I love her fantasy/adventure books and not just because they are long (I read fast) Hywel has read all her books too (he reads faster than I do) and it's nice to share things like that with him. I always thought Robin was a man - all the main characters are men. But no!

Enfin, je vais finir maintenant cars j'en ai besoin de travailler pour la Dimanche!
A bientot!


Anonymous said...

Love the cards Lythan - great inspiration for the rest of us 'darers' (if that makes sense). Of course they're 'dares' but they are also challenging - keep up the excellent work!

Paula J Atkinson said...

Tres bien!!!
that's my limit of French unless you want me to ask you what time it is!!!!!
Brill cards, these dares just get better & the stuff you guys make even more so.

Sue said...

Great cards

but What does it say??? not the mostly English one!!!

Oblibby said...

Lovely cards Lythan - had a feeling you would manage to do a Welsh one.


Anonymous said...

Great cards Lythan.x

Kathy said...

I love the idea of the waving hands especially

Great cards - as usual!