Thursday, June 19, 2008


"its a beautiful day, the sun is shining, think I'll go and see my friend Big Ears"

ah looking at the sun outside reminded me of one of my favourite jokes of old. It is NOT one I can tell at Alpha this evening though. I think I'll use this one instead.

What did the inflatable head teacher of the inflatable school say to the naughty inflatable pupil holding a pin?

Answer later on.

Anyway I am rejoicing this morning. Not because I have a headache and a desk mountain that simply must be sorted (it is embarrassing really) but because through it all I know that God is good. Even on mundane headachy days there is something to rejoice about - like the sunshine and the wonder of headache tablets...
And rejoicing is the theme of the Salt challenge launched today
The Bible says to Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS.
This is a verse that I keep meditating on as its one of those that pops into your head, but is very hard for your heart to grasp sometimes.
When we go through trials, or we can see others suffering, getting to the truth of this verse is vital.
It doesn't say Rejoice for the sake of it, it says Rejoice in the LORD, the one who has saved us from the punishment we deserve, the ALMIGHTY one, who LOVES us so much.

Here is mine

Looking through my Salt album - a lovely American Crafts D ring so I can use different sizes, I notice that I use rather a lot of Scenic Route papers to do my Salt pages. And this is no exception!
I've used Grafton for this one. Love the fresh colours and they go well with my t-shirt. I was waiting for Carys to come out and pose for me and started mucking about. And I managed to take a few flattering photos. I think the combination of looking up (banishing chins), greenery and time of day (early evening) all helped. But I'm not complaining! Its my avatar pic now as well as I haven't had long hair for over a year!

I used a Becky Fleck Page Maps sketch. I just bought three new books. Ali Edwards LIfe Artist (don't bother unless you like being told what to do by your mum. Love her stuff but she makes the obvious just sound so important and worthy.) A card sketch book - lots of good things but of course the cards are all in American sizes. We need something like this for British size cards. And then there's Page Maps. OOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo it is so, so, so fab. Just what you want from a scrap inspiration book.

So Bazzill white cardstock, SR paper and some buttons, orange ribbon, AC thickers, dovecraft (I think) flower brads, and lots of little green brads in a circle. Never tried that before but it is a cool trick (needs perfecting though!)

Have a good day and find ways to rejoice if you can.

Answer: You let yourself down, you let me down, you let the school down


artfulstampin said...

A fabulous layout Lythan, love the way you've sombined the colours and textures

lisa said...

An inspiration and a mood lift as always Lythan...your blog, your work and your words : )
lis xx

Est xxx said...

What a fab colourful page I love the colours so fresh and vibrant a reason on its own to rejoice

Nickynoo said...

Love your page Lythan, those colours are so fab together :0)

Canne said...

love the lo, the picture is full of joy!

Blaack Sheep Designs said...

"its a beautiful day, the sun is shining, think I'll go and see my friend Big Ears"...

Don't forget to take Bumpy Dog!!! ;)

Anice said...

Fantastic LO Lythan. I love to read your blog, it always makes me feel brighter some how..thank you.
Anice xx

Kathy said...

Wonderful LO, the colours are perfect for that happy, everything shouts "Happiness"

Hazel said...

What a terrific photo, Lythan - luvvvvvvvv it - and the LO too, of course. Lol! at the teacher joke.

ChrissyM said...

what a fun page!

stamp and scrape said...

Love the way you picked up the colours from the photo - orange and green go so well together. Lovely work.