Wednesday, August 06, 2008

left, right, left, right

I am looking a tad chubby at the mo' so decided a quick fix was required. So Phil and I (also on the wobbly side) are on the "Drop a dress size" two week regime. Which involves a lot of walking. We are up to 80 minutes a day and I'm just hoping it doesn't go up any higher! It is good for us though and I feel the benefits although the podge is still there. And I can't wait for a week Friday when it is over. Although I am going to have to look at fitting more exercise into my life (than the none I normally do)

Which all leaves a little less time for crafting - or more specifically blogging as its the taking photos and writing it down bit I keep missing out!
So here is a flavour (oh no, food similes - disaster! Is it a simile though? My grammar brain isn't working today) if what I have been doing. I'm still seeing if I can finish the Scotland 07 album off before going on the 08 holiday. Honestly? I doubt it!

All three pages were made using Scenic Route. The first is Liberty - my newest collection which is great! (not that I created it, I just own it. And cherish it) The double pages are done using Roxbury because, obviously, there is no better paper to illustrate your summer holiday than Christmas stuff...
The background paper is from a Costco set. There is a lot of doodling going on. The orange patterned paper was scalloped using a corner rounder. It was a long job. The buttons and die cuts are also SR. The stars are from a Euro shop. Like poundland only foreign.
And look I did a double layout that works! I think the answer for me is to have similar but not moving over pages - if you know what I mean. The title is Robo'd. Loads more doodling (guess who just got a new doodle book) and brads from various places. And look how many photos I managed to cram on!

Must go and make tea - bolognese with courgette noodles.

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Hazel said...

Well done for the walking. Great LOs - particularly like the stepping stones one.