Friday, April 03, 2009

Feeling fruity

and looking spotty.

So lets deal with spots first. I am now 43 years old (nearly 44, gulp. that is nearly 45 and THAT is half way to Fifty!!!!) I didn't suffer that much with spots when I was a teenager. And in that strange teen way longed for the signs of being grown up like acne and a sweaty upper lip.
(I had to pause there and remember the pangs of jealousy over a girl who had REAL BEADS of sweat on her below the nose area. I have only rarely had a sweaty upper lip since and strangely do not feel like I have really missed out).

SO why am I so spotty now. And the rest of my face doesn't look dewy and fresh to make up for it? that rather attractive freckle on my chin mutated into a frankenstinian mole ages ago. I have burst blood vessels on one of my cheeks so it is red all the time and people keep trying to wipe off the mark for me. And SPOTS. So I went to Boots on Wednesday and decided I now need camoflauge and serious chemical help. And now Phil tells me that my chin is glowing red. I wish balaclavas were back in fashion...

Just to make me feel better he sent me the link to this song Love you too my darling.

On to more positive things then... its school holidays! Which means I still have to work but not get up so early :) And it is nearly Holy Week and I just love it all (see yesterdays post) even though I have to work like a trooper. And the new Funky Hand cd arrived today so sometime in all of this I have to create so that Anice has some things to promote it when the cd goes live on Ideal World....on Monday 27th April at 6pm.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand its Daring Card Makers Day. And Keryn posed a real pip of a challenge!

Feeling Fruity

My dare this week is to put a piece of fruit on your card. Make your card for any occassion and use any fruit you like the look of.

I knew exactly what to reach for. Yes the Offbeat collection by Basic Grey. I'm still working through it. Its a fun challenge! And there is paper with pears and radishes on. there is also a chipboard radish. Still haven't worked out what to do with that. But anyway as it is not a fruit I was able to focus on the pear!
I added a paper frill, some tiny gems, some Making Memories Alpha stickers and a doodle or two. And you can just see the inside which is where the punch line is!
Right must go and do some work. And something about my chin...


Hazel said...

What a delightfully fruity card - that BG paper is just right. As for Phil's choice of song, it's absolutely 'spot on'! You obviously are becoming a recycled teenager - hope you are blemish-free soon x

Steph said...

Love this paper. Looks really good.

Juhi said...

such a cute card!! I love the fruity background....

CLARE said...

Great card Lythan - not got the Offbeat papers but I'm sorely tempted now. Particularly like the sentiment. Know where you're coming from re needing a new head, often feel that way myself. Off to DCM now to check out the challenge

librariane said...

This is rather inspirational--the colors, the shapes, the layout, etc. Thanks for sharing!

And my MiL just sent an email saying try honey on blemishes--put a dab on, then a band aid and leave it over night. I might try it next time I get something rather embarrassing... thank God for freckles! ;)

Anonymous said...

A fab fruity card! :) OMG, you've reminded me I've got the 6x6 offbeat paper pad and I didn't know it had fruit in it - obviously still got to much stash!!


Kathy said...

Great card Lythan - and thanks for the chuckle over your spotty story!

Vicky said...

I'm 46 (just) and still get the occasional spot! wrinkles AND spots it's just not fair!
Great card - love the punch line :)

Post Pals said...

Hello, I read that you do card challenges and I wondered if you would consider doing a challenge with a twist.

I run Post Pals, we feature seriously ill children (most have cancer or are going through transplants) and their siblings on our website and invite members of the public to log on from around the world and send a card to a child. The aim is to make the child smile, but we have found it also helps their self esteem and parents often open them with a child during a procedure to distract them.

At the moment we are helping 120 children but they aren't getting much post.

I was wondering if you would do a challenge, instead of people just scanning in their card for the theme but they actually make one for a Post Pal child and send it off.

I can't begin to tell you how much receiving a card means when your ill and isolated.

Thank you,

ps)You can see a video about what we do here

Unknown said...

WOW this is just so stunning! Amazing interpretation of the theme.

Carol Ann said...

Fab card and spotty muldoon was hilarious :)

Angelnorth said...

Love the way you used the papers and the pun is fab. Hope the camouflage makes you feel better!

Karen said...

Great card - perfect for the theme: Love the punch line!

Saskia said...

Lovely work!!! So sweet!


Unknown said...

Pears and radishes-- how quirky! Your card is really fun.

If you don't mind, I have a question for you (or really, all card makers, but as I'm commenting here, you will be the first)

Why cards? What inspired you to get into making cards? Do you make them with a recipient in mind, or just make them? How do you find enough recipients to give them too?

(Okay, so that was four questions. Indulge me?)