Monday, April 06, 2009

O happy day!

for all sorts of reasons!

1: it is Holy Week - Holy Week and Easter are just the best bit of being a Christian
2: it is school holidays - there may be lots of work to do this week but at least I can lie in a little bit
3: Anice - Mrs Funky Hand has won North Tyneside Retail Business of the Year 2009. I'm just so, so chuffed for her and Ian.
4: It is Ruth (Tip Top and my fellow Funky Hander)'s birthday today. (OK not so good in that I had forgotten and the card is only going out today)
5: I have a few nice goodies to play with and a little time to play :)

Here is what I have managed since Friday. Saturday morning I did some weeding at Church. Weeding amongst rose bushes without gloves isn't really a good idea BTW. then card club in the afternoon. Not many there which meant I managed two whole cards. Well apart from the lettering on one as there is no way I am taking my tiny alphas to church. I've come back with half of a Happy Birthday stamp missing. It was an accident but still...

Card 1:
using the new Patti Picklicious CD. I said I wasn't going to buy it but I do love the funky colours! Just cut and layered away, adding a punched flower and gem. Sentiment is from Clare Curd. Plus oodles of doodles

Card 2:as 1 plus a Doodle factory elephant stamp, judicious use of my new border punch and those letter stickers. I put the pink and red paper in through a Cuttlebug folder and it looks really effective!

Card 3: Made while watching CSI on Saturday night. Phil wanted to watch Match of the day as Bolton actually won convincingly so I was sat at the kitchen table and if you are sat at a table you have to make something!
I found the yellow card blank on my work desk (no idea where it is from or how it got there...) three ancient pieces of card stock from stash and one piece of double sided paper that was rejected from my last Salt layout. the badge is from Paperchase in Cambridge. I was there last Tuesday doing some work for my MA and had lunch in Cambridge. I also wanted to find the Office shoe shop so after a sandwiched I toured round the whole of Cambridge looking for the shop. I found it just as I was giving up... 2 doors down the other way from the sandwich shop. And they didn't have the shoes I wanted anyway. SO I consoled myself with some bits from Paperchase. Much cheaper! trouble is - I love characters like this but send most of my cards to church members - who maybe slightly less delighted.

Card 4: My mum wants some male cards so I pulled out some old Self Addressed kit papers and found the 4 and the number embossed piece already done so made a card while waiting for lunch to cook. Spot the paperchase sticker

Card 5: the male card I finally did
simple eh? but I like it. The sentiment is Patti P which fits a punch perfectly and means that I can use up some buttons!

and finally. Guess what I had to make this morning? I am about to post it so Ruth - look away now!!!!!!

the papers are all Scenic Route. the metal heart is a present from Sue H (thanks), felt ribbon from paper and string. Ditto the button. Pin is from Scrapitude. I added some white glitter glue to the letters. So sorry it is late Ruth (but if you are reading this apology you have sneaked a peek you naughty thing!


Hazel said...

I'm sure Ruth is going to forgive you for being late when she sees what a beautiful card it is (if she hasn't already seen it here!). Love the other cards too, particularly card 1 - the colours are so vibrant. x

Tip Top said...

Hahahahaha! I'm so gormless I carried on reading!!! I am such a muppet!

I can be surprised when it arrives hehehehe!

No worries about it being late - I like an extended birthday! One of my closest friends has insisted for the 27 years that we have known each other that my birthday is in May....

Do like the Paperchase bits - I must investigate mine more closely next time I visit!

Anonymous said...

Lythan, You're so busy and so productive! Your cards are fantastic and i love the paperchase bits so I'm sure your members will too! I haven't bought the Patti P CD yet, but I'm thinking about it!!


Enfys said...

My goodness Lythan, you have been busy, love them all, especially ruth's card (feeling guilty because I totally forgot). I must look at that CD too, cos i love those papers
en x

Kath Stewart said...

what a busy bee Lythan and I so love all your gorgeous bright and happy the ones from Kirsty's CD
Hugs Kath xxxx

Peet said...

Love them all.
Just stunning, Lythan !!!

pmk said...

Gorgeous cards, you're making the CD very tempting!

Natty said...

Fab cards Lythan and I spotted those Self-Addressed kit papers making an appearance, think I will be dragging some old kits out again to try and bash away at the stockpile this weekend...

CraftyC said...

These are all gorgeous, all so different and individual!

Keryn Campbell said...

Wow you have been busy. It's amazing how busy people like yourself always seem to find a spare five minutes some where to create something gorgeous.

Allison said...

you've been very busy, they are all great love the bright colours you used

Kathy said...

What a FAB array of cards. I love the colours of the first couple, really fresh and funky, but really, they are all such great cards, you've excelled yourself.

Mira said...

So beautiful gard, I just love the way you make them :)