Friday, May 08, 2009

Bit of a shock

for you as I am actually blogging. Its been a bit of a mad week really!

Bit of a shock for us here as our neighbour came round this morning, thinking we were aware that one of our hens was missing - and was dead in his garden. What it means is that a fox has been out on the kill this morning, after the chickens were let out at about 9:30 am. We were lucky therefore to only lose one actually as those foxes move fast. I know it is spring time and there are (cute) baby foxes to be fed but it is just not fair. So we are all a bit down. I say all, only me and Phil so far as the others are at school. Carys has an emergency orthodontist appointment this morning so she'll find out then. (Nothing major for her, just a bit of brace has fallen off!). Blah is how I feel now. The other two are back in their coop and may have to stay there until spring is over!

bit of a shock also that it is cold enough here for me to have Winter clothes on. Admittedly the heating is not on, but I am almost tempted.

Bit of a shock too that our Clavinova is being fixed today. It has a sticky "e" 2 above middle c. Phil looked it up on the internet and it is an acknowledged fault so they are coming today with a brand new whole keyboard to fix into our piano. For free. And we have had it at least 5 years. Good on you Yamaha thats what I say.

Since I last chatted I have taught a class at Imagine That followed directly by card club (how do teachers do it? one full day and I was on my knees!); finished the magnum opus; went on a long walk along Regents Canal and had lunch at Camden Lock (caribbean mixed vegetable curries mmmm) on Monday; delivered essay in Cambridge on Tuesday; lots of worky stuff since then including preparing for a quiet day I am leading tomorrow. Oh and some Docrafts magazine work that I sent off and wrote up, nearly forgot that! Got to play with WRMK Tiffany papers. Oooooooh they are just my thing!

The only other craftyness was this weeks Daring Card. Tanya Leigh is back with us (yay!) and she set this Dare

Mum's the Word

This week it's my first time to set the dare since being back - it's Mother's Day here in New Zealand on Sunday 10th May (not sure about other parts of the world), so this week's dare is to make a card with the word MUM on it somewhere.
It could be Mother's Day, birthday etc.

I wasn't sure what to do for this Dare until I had my "Doh" moment. Its my mum's birthday in a fortnight's time so I could be really organised and have her card done. I decided to use one of the new Funky Wordbooks that I hadn't tried yet. I made sure it matched her sitting room so it would look nice on the shelf! The word books will be available from Funky Hand on Monday. You can't pre order so make sure you don't miss the launch date as I am sure they will be popular. And while I remember, there is a Design Team member spot available at Funky Hand so check out Anice's blog for details

And finally, here's my card!
to keep it more like a card I copied Anice's idea as shown on Ideal World and creased the edge and added some Doodlebug glitter brads. Then I added loose glitter to the letters and various parts of the card. Added just a few details
and may add more when I write inside it as well. The colours are so fresh aren't they! My parents arrived home safely from South Korea yesterday - they were there for two weeks and had a ball!

Right must go and break the news to Carys. Sadly we don't know which chook it is as now their feathers are all grow in they look identical to each other. RIP little one. Sob.


Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry about your chicken Lythan! :( Sounds like you've had a really hectic week!

Love your card - the colours are gorgeous and fresh. :)


Sharon (glitterangel) said...

Gorgeous book, the colours are great. Sorry to hear about your poor little chicken :(

Kathy said...

awwwww noooo not again. Poor Chookie, Poor other hens, Poor Lythan, Poor rest of family.

Well done on getting that essay delivered - hope you get more R&R time now. The card/bookie thing looks fab - hope you'll show it again when you've added all the inside stuff.

CLARE said...

Fab book & papers - very inspiring

Allison said...

lovely book Lythan

Anice said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear about your chicken :(
Fabby word book, I'm sure your Mum will love it.
Anice xx

Powerful Search Engine said...

So sad to hear about the chicken, darn foxes!!! I love these book cards they are such beautiful keepsakes. I love the papers you have chosen, great card Lythan, hope your essay got done. Hugs pascale

Jozza said...

I've been in mourning for your little chick all day since I saw your status on Facebook. Poor little love :o( Nasty fox! I even told my kids and my eldest daughter (7) has offered to come and kick the fox's butt!? Hmmmmm.

Love your wordbook mum card. It is lurvely! What a busy week you've had. Hope you get some rest in! xxx

Unknown said...

Hey Lythan - you are one of my blog candy winners girl, yaaayyy! Can you drop me an e with your addy and I'll get it in the post hun! xxx

Cardmaking Galore said...

this is really beautiful - love the colours you used!

Katy said...

Sorry to hear about your chook Lythan - I lost two of my girls to a fox last week too... I've invested in an electric fence to attempt to sort him out...

SueH said...

What a beautiful book Lythan, your mum is going to love it.
The colours are so fresh and bright.

Sorry to hear that you've lost another one of your babies, it's so sad. It least you gave her the chance to live a happy life for a while, even if it way only for a short time.

Sue x