Friday, May 01, 2009

feeling sheepish

as having looked at the Daring Cardmaker blog today I don't think my card is a patch on any of the others. Ah well. I'll explain more after introducing the dare!

First I'd like to thank all those who participated in my dare last week. What a fab collection of cards. I'm also sheepish because I didn't manage to comment on them all. Life - and that essay got in the way. So sorry to those who entered later in the week. At DCM we do appreciate everyone who plays along. You don't do it for prizes, we rarely get sponsored freebies either, we all join in just because we love making cards (though I wasn't loving this one all of the time...)

Vanessa chose the theme this week it's...

Old MacDonald's Farm

I don’t know why I came up with this one, but for some reason I’ve been singing away to Old MacDonald, you know the song “Old MacDonald had a farm, Ee I ee I oh! And on that farm he had some .........”

........we’ll let you fill in the blank – that’s your dare this week, get some farmyard animals on your cards and pop a link in the comments section so we can come and see!

I have all these Paperchase stickers to use up and some are cutesy animals. There were 6 sheep, 3 facing one way and three facing the other and I thought "aha". What I should have thought was "crikey aren't they a bit small to use even on an A6 card?" But I didn't...

* the papers, flower and leaf sticker and the rub on arrow (rubbed onto acetate to make it pop) (not literally, obviously) (though that would be quite exciting to see) are all WRMK Nonsense range.
* The scallop was cut with my big scallop scissors and I I think I might have cracked cutting with these in a straight line now - woo!
* "unique" is a Christina Cole shiny hard sticker thing (not the technical name)
* The long strip is from a set of journalling cards I bought having seen them on Mystik Nat's blog (the queen of bright and funky) and have used um, this one. They are lovely and I must be more inventive with them. They are from Prima I think.
* the tiny red gems are from one of my local craft shops - the Craft Hut. Have I mentioned before that I have 6 local craft shops within 20 minutes drive of me. Imagine That (the best obviously) is in walking distance. Some of the others are walking distance from the church. NO wonder I get temptated. Spoiled I am (I say temptated because a guide in Greece said it like that 23 years ago and it kind of stuck)
* also Making Memories tiny alphas and Doodlebug letter stickers AND some of yer actual proper sewing too.

See I put a lot of work into it and it looks PAH.

Same with this one
which I had to add the brown layer to as the busy pattern sent the camera into fits "aaah I don't know what to focus on!" It'll go in the pile of cards to use as I send LOTS of birthday cards every year (to church folk mostly). But not the top of the pile... American Crafts papers, Nesties and Imagine That stamps were not harmed in the making of this card. (I do like my little hand cut branches though!)

Now this card I made on Wednesday as a quick break from the essay. Bish, bash, bosh, nice.
All from WRMK Nonsense apart from using a Doodlebug fuzzy brad, a Nestie and a Martha Stewart punch.

And finally.... I made a sample for card club tomorrow. How organised is that? It was also a reward for finishing the first draft of the essay. Good news - I have to hand it in on Tuesday and you won't have to bear with me moaning on about essays until this time next year... I saw a video online about making diamond fold cards and thought itwould be fun to demo, but I cna't remember who did the vid. She was British. Thanks Diamond Fold person!
All papers from the big Costco set. As they are cardstock weight you can make cards with them so even the back looks nice. Sweet and simple (like me!)
(Only I am not that sweet).

Right, red pen at the ready I have words to cut from my magnum opus and then type it up in neat!


Steph said...

I love your sheep card. x

Kathy said...

I don't think you need to feel sheepish about your dcm card at all - its bright and cheeerful and I love it! Ewe're quackers to be so hard on yourself

moooving on...
The other cards are all fab too - and well done on getting the first draft of that essay done.

Anonymous said...

Lythan your sheep cards is funky and fresh - I love it. Your other cards and fab too and you're definitely a bit hard on yourself.

Well done on the essay! :)


Jozza said...

Can't believe you think your card is no good! It is fantastic! You are one of the most talented cardmakers out there lady and don't you forget it. There. Lecture over.

I love your other cards too and yes I have used the nonsense range of papers on mine this week. I'm down to scraps now which is a shame cos I love it. x

Powerful Search Engine said...

Wow these are all fantastic Lythan and not PAH at all I love your DCM card with the sheep jumping hugs Pascale

Enfys said...

Love all the cards Lythan, but I had actually popped over here to whisper to you that your DCM card was my favourite this week.....honest.
En xx

Keryn Campbell said...

Your sheep card is gorgeous and it's made me adapt 'Hey Diddle Diddle' to the sheep jumped over the moon. I was chuckling at your descriptions.

SueH said...

Beautiful cards Lythan and by that I mean ALL of them!

I’ve no idea why you should be feeling ‘sheepish’ about your DCM one, it’s fun and quirky and those little sheep are sooooo cute.

Good new on the essay and I'm pleased for you that it's out of the way!


Tip Top said...

Hehehehe!! A lovely entertaining post! I quite like the diamond pop up card, but I am useless on measurements and I'd get it all wonky.... so I do admire your folds!