Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Still relaxed

My difficult bit of the week ended up a whole heap less stressful than I thought. I'm molto tired anyway so I am v. glad!
I've been tonight to a meeting about Uni and it is hitting me more and more what a big step this all is - and there is a year to go until H leaves home. But the thing I am aware of is, that with the type of course he wants to do - with the promise of summer jobs in some places and it being soooooo far away with others (Dundee. Nice place. Just 8 hours away) that when he leaves, really that might just. be. it.
Remind me of that with a hollow laugh when he is at home at 45...
Plus I would be able to use my computer when I wanted to and not get chucked off at World of Warcraft time.

This week amongst other crafty things I did something truly amazing. I sorted LAST summers photos into the album that I will scrap them in. I bought a LIckety Split album from Imagine That which combines layout pages with heavy photo ones. Having the photos all ready there now means that I have done three layouts for this album already. Incredible. One doubles for a future Docrafts Layout on their site so won't be shown yet, one is not photographed yet - it was a fast one and you will see why! And the first one for the album is this

H at the ferry with his GSCE results. I made him run into school and get them as I was so worried about missing the ferry. The plan had been to go the day after but Palmers College had other plans. He looks so much older than that now ('cos he is I suppose) but he is beginning to look more man and less boy.
The papers are all October Afternoon Route Map. The black scallop is actually a papermania card. OA and Tiny Alphas stickers; Chatterbox cork and a Scenic Route chipboard circle and a Sharpie pen border. One day I will manage to mix my papers but this will do for now!

Close up of the blurb follows
And now this old lady should head bedwards.

I hope H will love Uni as much as I did. And do (though v. part time now) Remember I've already done 7 years and two degrees (OK one is a Post graduate certificate of theology but after I left they made it easier and turned it into a degree and so it counts in my book. Bitter much? Nah). I just hope he occasionally remembers his parents. It only now I realise how much they did for me to get me started on the road to hard work and LOADS of fun!

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