Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things that go bump in the night

I woke with a start in the early hours thinking that someone was crashing around in our back garden. There was nothing there.
Turns out the problem was at the front (we sleep at the back but how H didn't wake I don't know)
The alarm didn't go off this morning as all our leccy went off due to the outside light being smashed so it is amazing we woke up at the right time!

The driver turned up this morning saying he had swerved to avoid a fox, lost control of the car and went through our wall and next doors fence. None of our cards was damaged which was amazing!

Anyway on to more exciting news - new Muse CD this week. I'm glad to say I love it. And boy, can that Matthew Bellamy play classical piano :) Family are fed up of my obsession already!

ANd even more exciting - my Salt challenge layout has actually been done and on time.
Tanis came up with a great theme
Listening to God
It's usually pretty easy to talk. But how good are we at listening?
We're busy. We live in a busy world. We have lots of commitments. We're pressed for time.
But when it comes to listening to God, we have to make time. Quiet time. And that is hard.

I pulled out one of many photos of H on holiday gazing reflectively out to sea while in Weymouth
Look at that fab sea and sky! It was really like that, not touched up at all.
This layout came together in about 30 minutes which is fab. The papers and die cuts are all October Afternoon. The stickers are AMerican Crafts and Doodlebug and the only addition to that is a page from a 1936 prayer book which I got in a bundle of papers from Puss at a Crafts By Carolyn get together many moons ago.
Small peeve - why do so many sets of alphas only have lowercase. It doesn't feel right using a lower case G for God but I ahd to give up in the end or my layout would have taken three hours...
the team have done some great work for this challenge - go and by inspired why don't you!


Hazel said...

Read about the wall on FB - glad no cars were affected - bad enough the wall and the damage - that fox has a lot to answer for! Love the LO - know what you mean about the lowercase letters - that prayer book page is just right x

Unknown said...

Your page is just beautiful Lythan! Great job with the challenge! :)

Tracie said...

"None of our cards was damaged which was amazing" spoke like a true crafter lol ;)

Love the challenge, there is something very calming to the soul to sit looking at the sea.

Sharon (glitterangel) said...

Gosh that was lucky that the cars didn't get damaged - and I also chuckled at your freudian slip of 'cards'. Love the layout, gorgeous colours!

SueH said...

Just because my friend Sandy knocked my wall down, you had to go better and loose all your electrics too. Lol!

No speciously, it’s lucky that it happened during the night when no one was walking along the pavement and could have been hurt. It’s nice to hear that the chap to came back this morning to see you about it too, I bet there’s lots out there that would have thought, ‘well no one saw me’ and just done a runner, leaving you to clear up the mess and foot the bill.
Mine is all rebuilt now and good as new so I hope yours doesn’t take too long to put right.

Love the LO, the sky and sea look so inviting!


Traceyr said...

Love this layout. So fresh and the photo fits perfectly.


Kathy said...

oh my word - what an early morning shock that must have been for you.

Love the LO, what a fab photo.

Must get that Muse CD, they are so fantastic