Friday, February 12, 2010

Wicked mother

I was really trying to give Carys a treat.
She had heard some of the songs from Wicked and loves the theatre. This week (up until 5:30 today! there are cut price tickets available to book for London shows from here)
So I duly booked a half term treat for us both - tickets down from £60 to £30. Fabulous!
until I felt a tickle in my head
and looked again at the booking form
and went all cold and hot at the same time.
Because the date I booked was not in half term at all
but the NEXT Thursday.
When both of us had a clash of two events anyway.

Its not just that I am completely stupid - if you don't look carefully it is a fairly easy mistake to make on the grid (she says defending herself but its true!). After agonising and beating myself up about it (I do that kind of thing) I had finally felt ok about it when Carys declared that she really, really needed to go the GSCE options evening (She had said she was all decided at one point) and I felt so, um, wicked about dragging her to the theatre when she wanted to take her future choices seriously.

It took until this morning to have a brainwave (doh! actually only this morning the GSCE thing came up again). Thank the Lord (and I really mean that) there were tickets still available for the Friday so we are going then instead and I feel far more Good now.... And I can go to the GSCE options evening but we still have to miss Youth Praise, Bible Study and Thinking Day services...
to miss them for GCSE's is one thing but for screeching women with green faces...

Aaaaaand, relax.
I must apologise because the last week ran away with me and I didn't look at a single Daring Card for last weeks Dare. So sorry. I promise to come and look at all those who particpate this week (and, per my rules, comment on those who link our card to three or less challenges. I ahve to have that rule or I get RSI!). This week on Daring Cardmakers we went for the compeltely left field challenge of...
Have a Heart
which I did find useful as it meant that I made a card for Phil! (yes I am that romantic. )
So...don't look Phil!
only now I think about it I took it out of hiding to photograph and left it on my crafting table so he has probably seen it anyway!

You make recognise the papers because they are the same ones I used for the recent Docrafts scrap page I made. Just love the way these pinks and reds go together.
Corrugated kraft card blank from Crafts U Love
Papers from Papermania capsule collection (outlined with a Sharpie pen)* one shaped with a Nestie Label 1 and the other cut with pinking scissors.
Heart cut using Sizzix die - dots were coloured in white and then glue pen and glamour dusted.
Cork scallop is from Chatterbox
I sued a Bazzill gem template to place the Papermania gems (you can't really see the swirl in the photo though)
The "u" is from a Fancy Pants white chipboard set which came with a Self Addressed kit yonks ago. It is actually an "h" that I cut the end off and placed a bow over some empty space. I think it works (bow also capsule collection). I am actually prepared re Valentines - but not at all for Sunday. I could talk about love - but it would mean missing out on the Transfiguration.

This is a strange and mystical event where Jesus took some of his mates up a hill. They were puffed out and went to sleep and awoke to a strange light. There was Jesus his face and clothing all lit up somehow talking with two figures that they realised were Moses and Elijah (how they realised this it doesn't say). Peter says "oooh lets make something permanent to stay here so everyone will know what happened here" and then a cloud covers them and God's voice is heard saying "this is my beloved son, listen to him"and when the cloud lifts there is Jesus on his own looking normal and they go back down the hill again

It is so strange and spooky and different and we give it this nobby name (transfiguration - not a word I use every day. Why I use it once a year!) and it is worth thinking about how does this help our faith? So I'll talk about mountain top moments when the love of Jesus shines in our lives and how that helps us in valley times. 'cos I don't think we can ever really understand what was going on when Jesus met Mo and Eli - but we might mull that over too.

And Finally - I have lots of meetings on the 9th floor of Mercury House Romford. One day before the meeting started I was gazing out of the window, wondering what the striking building was that I could see - and then it dawned on me that it was my church. So I actually remembered to take a camera with me to another meeting on Thursday to snap it. Actually it can't be the same angle as it is obviously my church from this one, but the roof still looks pretty cool...
Is it wrong that I have the urge to slide down?


Rika said...

Lovely DCM card!

Kathy said...

Great card, fab photo and curb those impulses, Lythan!

Lynda said...

Fabulous card Lythan and see what you mean about the roof! It's like the bannisters in big stately homes - you just want to lol.

Love Lynda xxx

Anonymous said...

Fabulous card Lythan. :)

The pointy bit would put me off thinking about sliding down it! :) LOL


Jennifer said...

I love how you paraphrased the Transfiguration! Very enjoyable. And your card is lovely!

Jennifer L.

Andrea, said...

Lovely card, I love the colours and the cork