Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Got a bit of a shivery cold.
This is THE worst week for one. At least one service or something everyday. So far the voice is fine - please God don't let me lose my voice. I know that would be popular amongst some members of the family but its really the worst time....

To divert myself from my fave hobby of feeling sorry for myself (I am Olympic standard) let me share with you some things I have made using Anice's brand new Funky Hand download Retro Fun. I honestly truly think this is my most favourite design scheme ever. What I like about the downloads is the resizability of the patterns. AKA I am a cheap skate and like to print up more than one pattern per page. It does also mean that you can have the patterns in different sizes which is a good thing. And I did something that is blinking obvous when you think about it, but I hadn't before. I printed up two letters per sheet and made a dinky word book. It is soooooooooo cute this size (kind of A7?)
With a down load you can't change the colour of the letter but you can easily cut the letter off one pattern and add it to another which is what I did with the "y". I gave this card to Fiona who led a 10 week Bible study on the Minor Prophets - a real labour of love. What is great is that we had more people than ever at Bible Study
I kept the design fairly simple - helped by printing the download on both sides of the thin cardstock (I've started using the Create and Craft white card from Wilkinsons. It stamps, prints and cuts a treat and is good value too)
I did a lot of Sharpie pen outlining, added some Nestie circles, a few Martha Stewart butterflies with gems and made my own tiny alpha stickers. Fiddly but worth it!
Then I made a Nestie scallop circle card
with almost the last of my felt ricrac and some real letter stickers and black stickles.
and a card that used a sketch that I can't find now to tell you what it was. Helpful aren't I. Ooodles of doodles on this one. Anice's colours really pop with a bit of black. I think actually it is the solids with a touch of weave that I love the best in this download.

I'll be showing another card made with the leftover papers on Thursday. I say leftover but actually as the patterns are on my computer I can access them over and over again. And so can you when you run and buy them.

Lemsip is calling my name so I shall drag my weary bones to the kettle.
Yup, I can hear those violins playing something sad, just for me...


Kaz said...

OOOOo I love all of these! They really are fab colours and look great with the doodles - I love to sit with a black pen and attack my stuff too!! xxx

SueH said...

Aww, sorry to hear you’re feeling under the weather Lythan, I hope you’re feeling better soon.

As soon as I saw the new Retro download in Anice’s blog I know you would be turning out some wonderful creations with it…..it’s just your style!