Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dashing in, dashing out

One of those super busy days today with just a moment to blog. Well 5 minutes...
So I'll keep it short (5" 2. And a half. Well it was a half but I might have shrunk what with getting old. So lets say and a quarter).

Today is Salt challenge day. Kim always writes amazing blog posts - both when introducing her challenge like today and also when reflecting on others. Her theme really got me thinking. Well puzzling at first - "to obey is better than sacrifice." And then after days of staring at it I finally understood it. I had been reading sacrifice in terms of sacrificial living and not actual sacrifice and the reason obedience is better is because in this case Saul was doing what he wanted and not what God wanted. Kim explains it better so do have a look.

Then it was a case of what photo? My dad recently sent me some vintage slides he had put onto CD which means that I have a lot of material to use that is me, but not me now (if you see what I mean!) I thought that this one of me walking was a good one and it gave me the title

I was inspired by a thread on UKScrappers to use up old papers so got out these Jenni Bowli "too pretty to use" ones from about 3 years ago. I use the pink one a lot as a template which I think stopped me using them all so drew round it first. I think the colours go well with my coat! Lots of inking, outlining and some glossy accents were used.

Here are my reflections and some pretty flowers made using Making Memories stamps

Right I am 4 minutes over deadline - that'll be the waffle on my height.


Hazel said...

Beautiful LO - love the colours and lovely to see little you! And thank you for sharing your reflections on the challenge x

Unknown said...

Wonderful layout Lythan!! The picture is adorable too! :)