Friday, August 20, 2010

It is Thursday, right?

I'm a day being and a dollar short and totally discombobulated.
Had yet another major computer melt down this week but found a local computer shop that retrieved the info and pictures on my hard drive within a few hours (and for half the price of PC World who would also have sent it away.) Also huge thanks to the amazing Phil who rebuilt everything for me. Love you hun!
All that meant that I was really behind with all my different challenges and to-do's - both fun and not fun. So I finished the Salt layout due for yesterday morning last night and I haven't got far at all with Daring Cardmakers card as yet.
And of course we added A level results into the mix. H got ABB which sin't bad and is enough for him to go to teesside this autumn. Sob!

So here is my Salt contribution to the theme of a celebration of marriage
I knew what I wanted to do was to use one of the large wedding photos from way back when and paint on it and then write over the top. hmmm. I obviously need to find out how to do this properly as I couldn't get a smooth surface and the pen would dig in and not glide over. Hence the rough look to the writing. The house behind was my house at the time - attached to the church my Dad was Minister of and with a graveyard for a front garden. It was a lovely place and there were loads of weddings. My mum and I would sit in the front room (on the right in the photo) and comment on the outfits and goings on (I can hear my children say - "gossiping?" in their "mum you are naughty" voice and um yes, guilty as charged). I do wonder how many times we appear in the background of photos peeking through the window!

Last Sunday one of the readings was Hebrews 12 which talks of a large crowd of witnesses cheering us on and I like to think that those who were at our wedding are part of the crowd for us, reminding us that we are not alone and that God is with us helping us through the rough patches and celebrating the good ones.
Which si what I tried to say
The papers are all Fancy Pants. The date label is October Afternoon and I also used a QK die for the heart, turning it round and then tracing it to make the middle heart equal on both sides. Liberal amounts of glamour dust were used along with various style thickers and to ground everything I added black fineliner pen (My faves are from Wilkinsons- 99p for 5).

Today I trained it to Waterloo to pick up Carys after a week with Grandma. She now wants a horse... (Grandma's friend has two). Then we travelled to Paddington to pick up my parents and we all arrived back in Upminster for a weekend of visiting together. So I am hoping to finish my Daring card but I'm not holding my breath! Don't hold yours either...


Hazel said...

Well done for getting your fab Salt LO donne in view of the busy week you've had and the technical problems. Lol! at 'gossiping' about the weddings x

artfulstampin said...

Love this layout Lythan, the colours are so fresh. Love those huge crowd shots, so nice to look back on!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful lo Lythan! The writing over the photo gives it such a neat look! Sounds like a fun place to grow up! :)

Kathy said...

What a wonderful LO. What fab papers (some of my faves) and what a great post!

Congrats to Hywel, I know you're proud really - even if you don't want to see him heading off!
You're just a great big softie, really

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful layout Lythan. Glad you managed to retrive your files and well done to H too. :) It will be a fab experience for him, but hard for you. :)

Vanessa. x

Kim said...

Another beauty Lythan!! I've got to try out one of those banners, they're everywhere and I love them! Also adore how you integrated your journaling and photo...simply lovely!!