Friday, January 20, 2012

I can run 5k but I'm still not fit

says it all really!
I am pleased beyond measure that I can now run 5k, something I NEVER thought would happen. But I haven't lost any weight - to be honest I have put on a pound or so over Christmas and my squishy tum is still squishy. So I decided I needed to add some other kind of exercise to do the trick. I have now done two days of the 30 day Shred.
And I won't be able to run again until I have done a few more days Shredding.
My body is in agony! My thighs are dying and there is no way I can run until it has all settled down. As I have shredded before I know it will, but right now everything is screaming.
But it needs to be done.
If you saw me you might not think I needed to lose much because I dress quite carefully and have thin legs up to just above my knees. But with my frame I should be a size 10 and I am a good size 12 so there is work to do. At 46 I know that if I let it lie now then it will be there forever.
(If this were an article for the Church magazine I would then launch into a bit about caring for our inner selves and working on the bits that are unsightly so that we are a fit part of the body of Christ. But it isn't. So I won't.) (Plus that sounds remarkably like the last Church Magazine article I wrote. See Ministers don't just work on Sundays you know. We have to be journalists as well)(Bad ones, admittedly)

Enough of that - show us yer scrap pages I hear you cry. Well I don't really, Not sure anyone is reading this anymore but its a good place to record my crafting life and other news

Title: Every Day.
In a chapel on Caldey Island was this amazing desk crammed full of small pieces of cardboard with heartfelt prayers written on them. There was a note to say that they would be taken regularly and used in the prayer life of the monks
Products used
Papers: Lilybee (from November Gottacraft kit) plus scraps from stash. Stickers: Lilybee and Basic Grey; Stamps: Studio Calico and MME; mask: that special touch; Mists: Glimmer Mist in olive and suede;  buttons from stash

Title: Good Times
Our family holiday was all worked round being able to share in my Dad's 80th birthday celebrations in Swansea. His birthday was on a Monday but he chose to have a party the day before and he wanted to make preaching part of it.
I used a Studio Calico sketch
Products used:
White Bazzill; Cosmo Cricket Salt Air from Imagine That; Cardstock Stickers Cosmo Cricket; dies: Papertrey Ink; Cuttlebug Embossing Folder; Mister Huey white spray mist; twine.
Scallop detail: these were offcuts from a card I made that were lying on the desk and just gave the softness needed for the journalling. The journalling strips were layered together

Title : Jolie laide
This photo was taken at Dad's birthday meal. Its not a bad one really. "Jolie Laide" really means someone who is unconventionally attractive but I have used it to sum up what I see when I look in the mirror. This will go in the Tenby holiday album even though its not really about the holiday but that is what I like to do - have photos from the time together but sometimes use them to reflect on other things

I was going to use a sketch but somehow that didn't happen! Instead i jsut cut boxes and strips and layered them. It all came because the edges of the masked bit were harsh and needed disguising

Cardstock, Papers and Stickers: Lilybee from November  Gottacraft kit; Doily, Crown and Mask from Imagine That; stick on gems, mini postcard and lace from stash; Studio Calico Mister Huey white ink; Black soot distress ink and everything outlined with black pen

Must now finish my sermon on the call of the fishermen (Did you know there was a woman with them? "As Jesus walked along the shore of Lake Galilee, he saw two fishermen, Simon and his brother Andrew, catching fish with Annette" I always want to go "boom, boom" at that point in the reading but so far have managed to restrain myself. One year...). There is also a chapter of Jonah as well, the least action filled one but perhaps the most dramatic. Jonah says "In forty days Nineveh will be destroyed!" And the Bible goes on to say "The people of Nineveh believed God's message". SOME of us have to say much more than a sentence to make an impression...
Have a great weekend - and if you are curious I am playing Romford, Western Road at 9:30 and Chadwell Heath, Mill Lane at 11:15. Love to see you there!


Sue said...

beautiful LO's Lythan - love the Good Times one great photo and fab funky colours

As for the running fab stuff I know how hard it is - but more exercise as well - are you mad!!!! :)

Ruth said...

There may be days when you feel pretty & others when you feel ugly. But we, your friends, we see beautiful every day.
And I love the 'Annette' joke - will allow myself a smile on Sunday - and boy, do I need one right now!
Don't really understand a lot of the technical language here - but I have missed it. Glad you're back x

imagine that ... said...

I always read your blog ... and love seeing what you've been up to! And as to whether you're pretty or ugly ... I think you're beautiful inside and out! x

Kath said...

I too read your blog and I am glad you are back. L/os are lovely and I love all the cards in your previous post.
Your joke about Annette made me laugh and I feel better for that. Thank you.

Annette said...

Hi Lythan...just to let you know I'm still reading and enjoying your blog, and as an Annette, I can appreciate the joke and have heard many variations over the years!!

Sheila said...

I'm still reading Lythan, every post!!