Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm all of a frazzle

I am really.
I've had a 3 evening meeting in a row plus a couple of other tough ones in the day kind of a week (cue chorus of Lancastrian voiced Ministers "only three? you were lucky? I've 'ad 8 evening meetings; 6 funerals; two midweek services;  a lecture to prepare and I've done 132 home visits. And its only Friday") (Ministers? Competitive? Surely not!)
But most of the frazzling goes on in my head as I ring up removal firms and start to throw away papers etc.

I think the hardest thing was standing in the boys room and realising that we moved in with children and we are moving out with young adults and having to leave (most) childish things behind. Phil was set to dispose of the Moses Basket. Imagine a really loud shriek. Now make it louder. That was my voice as I said "not the Moses Basket!"
"But it is tatty"
(quivering voice) "I slept in that and so did all our babies and I want to keep it to hand on for their babies to sleep in".
He put it down. Sensible (scared) man.
I'll blub again in a minute.
We have just ordered the boys new beds. They still sleep in the bunk beds we bought for them when Carys was born. Yes at almost 18 and 20 they are still in bunk beds. I'm hoping they can cope with the change.

And I haven't really been able to console myself with crafting what with the first paragraph and all. I have managed my Daring Card this week. Its a great dare with a fabulous prize. The gorgeous Gez makes her debut with Tag You're It! to put a tag somewhere on your card. And there is a fabulous prize as well from Tea House Bridge. We've had some of the goodies to play with and they are so lovely, it almost feels wrong to use them! Please join in this challenge to win the prize but remember our special rules!
To be in the Draw to win our prize:
Make a card for this challenge and leave a link so that we can see it
Add links in THE MAIN BODY of your blog to:
Tea House Bridge and the Daring Cardmakers
You may link to no more than 10 challenges including this one

Here is what I did with my embellishments - and some of my new bits from Alexandra Palace as well.
I've used new MME 6x6 pads; a new lace background stamp; a mask on the tag coloured with distress inks. I wanted a bit more red so I coloured two buttons with Distress Ink 
and also added some extra bling to the resin flower with stickles

I'll be honest - its not my favourite ever card - but the embellishments are soooo gorgeous. And the other design team members have done a spiffing job so make sure you take a look - and tag along with the dare as well. (See what I did there?)


Miri said...

I think it's really brave that you used so many different pattern papers on this card - and it turned out great! I love the colours, shapes and images you used.

SueH said...

Aww, it can’t be easy sorting out what to take and what to get rid of but you think that Phil would have known better than to attempt to get rid of the Moses basket, especially when it has such a history. I’m sure there’s going to be many more moments like that as your move gets nearer but I’m sure you’ll get through it and come out the other side with a feeling of great satisfaction that you’ve managed a major de-clutter. Keep up the good work.

Loving your card too, by the way!


Rika said...

Beautiful card wonderful design , I love the bird!

Jo said...

I hope it isn't too hard to sort everything - I can never bear to throw anything away! I love your card - brilliant idea to colour the buttons, they match the bird beautifully. A gorgeous card!