Friday, April 13, 2012

The long and the short of it

  • its the week after Easter, when Ministers put their feet up
  • I've been rushing around - Tuesday I went to see my parents in Swansea by train
  • I decided I didn't need part of my ticket and discarded it at Paddington.
  • I did need it - the rest was the reservation
  • I'd like to thank the Inspector for forgiving my stupidity and not charging extra. I think he could tell I was speaking the truth about what happened by my face. Which I suspect was a picture.
  • Wednesday I took Mum out for her special mothers day meal (just a little late!) to Sosban. it is awesome. If you are anywhere near Llanelli it is worth the trip. Food, service and place were fabulous. And good value too. Just lovely.
  • in the evening we went to a read through play called "Love in Plastic"
  • it was about a man in a spacesuit who meets a woman in a restaurant where she is followed by her acting agent who is jealous. there were 4 in the play.
  • there were nine in the audience
  • there was a powercut half way through. It was all the better for the accidental interval (I think). The actor said it was the second worst thing that had happened on stage for him, the first was when another actor died and he took a long time to notice.
  • it was one of those nights of which memories are made...
  • Thursday was uneventful - travelled home, finished my DCM card, started a layout
  • Friday Carys and I explored Westfield. I decided I have good taste in clothes. But not the wallet to match. Oh Hobbs skirt how I wish you were mine. Oh Celine, what fun we could have together. Fortunately the fact I am going to Alexandra Palace for the craft show on Sunday helped me put these things back on the rails. Twice. And also I would have nowhere to wear them. well maybe not the skirt. Its so versatile that skirt.... We had a lovely meal in posh McD's aka Nando's and I actually enjoyed it. And watched the Hunger Games. And bought perfume and a few bits from Next and Primark. And I came home and photographed my card and sat down to write my blog...

So here is my DCM card for Zuzana's fab challenge "Hat Boutique". I have had this little wooden picture hanging about for ages and noticed the elephant had a hat on - and it went from there really.
It all got rather colourful in the end! I used up lots of scraps. Apart from the yellow which is from my latest MME collection (feet hurt after days shopping so I am not going to find out what it is called right now). I added some ancient red gems, a velvet flower and polkadot button.

And now I am going to probably snooze for a while. Shopping is hard work you know!


Oscar said...

Wow Lythan you have had a busy week!! I'm worn out reading it lol.

Gorgeous bright and vibrant card, love the image, perfect for the challenge x

Sharon (glitterangel) said...

What a sweet image, and I love the combination of colours and papers, you always manage to combine things so well xx