Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Tuesday is the new Friday

I finally have a Daring Card to reveal - only 5 days late...
Keilly found this rather lovely colour palette to inspire us

And I made this
Considering it is, for me, a clean and simple card, it took hours to make. And I used papers from 3 different 6x6 paper pads and a rather delicate, but beautiful Memory Box flower die. 

The rest of the time when I should have been blogging I have either been working or sorting out my craft room. I wanted to do that here rather than when we move as it would give me an idea of what else I might have to get rid of. 
I am mighty chuffed with the set up now.
 to the left of this photo - which I did snap but when I didn't have a memory card in the camera but forgot on the take two - is an 8 cubed Expedit cubby hole set. In the new house this will be up on its side with an Expedit desk attached. Dunno where the grey table will go. I have two new pieces of Ikea furniture from the Alex office range. I had seen on Kristina Werner's blog that she had the Alex on castors and was intrigued. I thought that the matching tall drawers would be good as well. Good? they are awesome!

This is the top drawer of the one on castors. All my pens and rulers and scissors etc fit in here. My ATG gu (the yellow thing on top) doesn't, alas but that is all. Here is my favourite drawer. My ink drawer
The Distress Inks are in piles of three so you do have to move them around but they are in colour families which helps.

Here are some of the drawers from tall Alex
My cuttlebug plates and thin dies in the top drawer and embossing folders and sticky backed pearls in the second drawer

 Slightly more messy but more user friendly than the box they were in previously - all the little paper shapes and other such embellishments for cards and layouts are here.
In the 4 boxes to the right are card blanks and envelopes; large stamps and Bind it all accessories.
I can't beleive that it is all so neat and tidy. Neither can Phil. (Or anyone else that knows me). And it can all fit so I can take it all. Woo hoo. OK so there is still another sort through of patterned paper to go but there we are.

Can I make the rest of my house this tidy and organised?
I doubt it!

I've had a very long day - with a successful first Messy Church at one church followed by an Elders Meeting at another, but wanted to blog now before Wednesday became the new Friday. Hopefully I won't leave it as long this week. Although I have a lot of work to fit in. ON the plus side that means I can't mess up my craft space!


Ruth said...

Messy Church, tidy craft space. Sounds like a fabulous combination! x

Unknown said...

Glad Messy Church went well, we have been doing them for over a year now.