Friday, April 01, 2016

Some you win, some you lose...

Well Easter is over, Jesus is risen - hurray!
I've been having a lovely week's holiday - hurray!
but the dog just ate the last of my mini eggs - boo!
(I know dogs aren't supposed to eat chocolate. She doesn't pinch any other food and it isn't the first time she has devoured chocolate. We will just have to watch and wait)

Phil and I visited 3 National Trust properties in 3 days - one which will be close to our new house (we were there measuring and looking at what painting needs to be done) and 2 close to here that we always meant to visit and now don't have much time for - Greenway (fabulous) and Compton Castle (very old, doesn't take long to go round). It also means that our NT tickets are already half "paid for" for the year! We hope to revisit Coleton Fishacre before we move as that is absolutely my cup of tea and I would move in if I could!

I've also done a little crafting as well. Its been good to recharge the batteries. I love my card for last weeks Daring dare. This weeks? not so much...
Last week the challenge was to celebrate Spring with spring themed cards that also featured a spring if possible 
 I watercoloured a background using peerless watercolours and then added in some Doodle stamp flowers that have been coloured and on my desk for, well probably a year! So this card also has a spring-cleaning element! I added some doodle stems and then middle flower is on a paper spring so it wobles
I just don't get tired of those flowers and the bright Kuretake clean colour pens.
This week it is an elemental inspiration week as today is April 1st (eek). 
Its a lovely photo butI really struggled with this and don't like the card I have made at all
I like the extra stripes I put onto the pink paper and quite like the rabbit (and the extra arm that comes from one of the other sets) but I'm not happy with the whole thing. Having a splodge from the black ink that needed covering up with a yellow flower didn't help....) The others have made a much better fist of it than I have so do go and have a look.



Dianne said...

I like your card. The flower added looks like it was supposed to be there...and I think the whole card is lovely.

Dawn said...

I love your card. The images are fab and the flower looks good. Nobody would know it wasn't meant to be there. xxx