Thursday, August 30, 2007

Salt Water

Well service sheet and order are done for first service - "sermon" is percolating and will do the powerpoint presentation in a minute.
Blazers and new shoes bought (faint). Wasn't needed at Imagine That but had the torture of seeing the new Basic Grey stuff come into the shop but not ready to be sold yet. I want some 6x6 pads NOW!!! (stamps foot). But I can be strong. I have willpower.
Yeah right.

Last night we had a "lovely" meal at Nando's (not my fave place) followed by a Dr Who double bill. It looks like we are still expected to watch an episode a night until school starts... I also booked next years holiday - Eurocamp were giving 10% discount before August 31st. Only when I asked the site we are going to is not covered so I could have waited! We are back to camping as it is cheaper - but a fixed tent not our own. We are going to Waassenaarrr (not all those letters are correct) in Holland as the site is next to a huge water park which will suit moody teenagers. I have never booked a hol so early before. We are going the day after the GSCE results are out as we were away to hear about Hywel's French and still don't know how he did.

Today was Salt faith challenge launch day. The two weeks seem to fly by! I am thrilled and awed by the work we are doing I have to say. It is a great way to combine faith and creativity. Esther chose the theme of...

Water is such an important element in our lives, we can't live without it, just like our Lord and Saviour!

And here is my layout
It is 12x12 using Scenic Route Metropolis papers. I took the photo last year to prove I was paddling in the sea and for some reason had it printed up at Photobox. Now I know why...
The words are from Isaiah 43 as interpreted in a song apart from the journalling spot which says
I tried to copy the printed "journalling hand" font. It is quite a lot of fun to try and write in different styles. Maybe I have a future career in forgery. Or not...
I urge you to go and visit Salt to see all the wonderful interpretations of the challenge there are there.


Gillian said...

now I feel like doing the 'Oooooo's' bit that comes after those words in that song..
I love your LO Lythan, it's mod and funky! and speaks such wonderful words of Truth! love it!

stamp and scrape said...

Love the waves! What a great verse to choose - it's wonderful to know that we are always safe. PTL

Hazel said...

This is such a great expression of faith, Lythan - I love everything you've used - and a good idea to copy the font - I wish I could hand-journal (I suppose I need to practise more). The crocs picture is just right for this!

Jo said...

This is just so fabby, really brilliant and the verse looks fantastic in your hand written font :)

jo xx

Esther said...

What a cool photo! very artistic! And glad yolu managed to find a use for it in the end, I love it when God's plan comes together!

amanda jolley said...

I love the colors and the flow. So visually appealing. Eye candy.