Tuesday, January 15, 2008

imitation - the sincerest form of flattery!

Well Sunday passed in a kind of blur. And so did Monday.
We went car and tv and lamp shopping.
We have seen a new (to us) Skoda that is mostly good and sort of affordable (it is sad when you have to start calculating how many years worth of Uni fees that would cover - and it looks like all three will go to Uni - but I don't begrudge them really!) The only downside to said car is that it is a rather Essex girl champagne colour. But we haven't bought it yet.
Then we went to Ikea for some lamps and came out with an Expedit bookcase for me, two new duvets and covers for the boys, some Christmas decorations for £1 and 50p, a new laundry basket for Carys and some other bits and bobs. But no lamps.

Then we went tv shopping. I am trying to control my blood pressure so will not rant about the need for
1: friendly staff
2: the same information on every tv so you can really compare
3: informative staff (not the same as 1 but by the end I would have settled for 1:)
So no tv - just a very big headache.

I now know what to look for and we are going to buy online.

I did squeeze in a tiny amount of crafting time - mostly making my DCM Little Extra for today
I had an idea for a Mid Week Tribute...
Now, as you are probably aware, both Lynne and Gillian sadly stepped down from the Design team recently, and all though the DCM team's door is always open for them, we thought it would be nice to pay a little tribute to them in appreciation for all their wonderful work during their time on the DCM design team. Lythan came up with an idea that we make a card in the 'style' of either Lynne or Gillian's cards. Or maybe pick your favourite of theirs and use an element from their cards on your own card. Everyone has their own style- we thought it might be a little challenge to try out a different style for a change!

I think I am more like Lynne in style than Gillian so went for a Gillian tribute!
Of course it should have been a cream square card but I haven't replaced my stock of those since Christmas so had to use an off white C6 one!
I found the image on my hard drive - I must have collected it from somewhere ages ago. I added a Gillian crown - well it is a Grungeboard one painted with Ranger Dabber in Gold with a few pink gems thrown on. I also gave her a little bouquet of flowers, some painted with distress ink to match the Basic Grey Infuse patterned papers and added more bling!. Gillian does a lot of sewing so I cheated with a hole making wheel and a pencil.
I found a quote which I printed on to plain BG using traveling typewriter font and made tow photo corners. All inked, natch!
We do miss Gillian and Lynne, but know that their talent will still be enjoyed wherever they go - love you girls!


Andrea, said...

Beautiful card, I love her crown and flowers

Anonymous said...

Ooh, its beautiful.:)

SueH said...

So unlike your usual style Lythan but a fabby card all the same. It's amazing!

Gillian said...

awwwwww.....Lythan! Your card is So Very Beautiful!
and that verse is Wonderful!
I'm deeply touched, by your dare xxx

stamp and scrape said...

This is so Gillian - wonderful card, Lythan. The image is perfect!

Dolly Mixtures said...

What a perfect tribute to Gillian...this has been so beautifully put together.