Saturday, January 12, 2008

More challenges

I allowed myself some more crafty time today. That is because I have loads and loads on over the next few weeks so need to grab some soul time when I can. Sometimes it all goes wrong and I become Mrs Sulky Pants - but most of the time card making and scrapping is my creative equivalent of Psalm 23 - it restores my soul. I may not make anything particularly spiritual or faith based but if I end up feeling calm and refreshed - well I'm sure God approves! It seems to fit with the MA course work I read this morning about spiritual direction and person centred analysis.

Carys joined me this afternoon - which does slow up what I am doing as I help her. Only she doesn't want helping really. I'm still trying to get the balance right between giving her ideas and taking over. This is what she made
I made two whole cards. I've recently popped my head in on another forum - Scraptitude. It has a really friendly feel. I really shouldn't be part of yet more forums as I don't have time to do much, but I will participate in small ways I think. Any way i have done two of the card challenges today. ONe was to make a card using just one colour. Oh how hard is that.
You wouldn't beleive how long this simple card took me trying to get the greens to go together!
The card stock is all Stamping Up as is the dotty background stamp. The strip of paper with the white dots we won't mention is Scenic Route. The dark green card is the light green covered in Ranger green ink. The parcel stamp is Purple Onion, button Bazzill and flower Sarah's cards. The sentiment is on safmat. Outlining was done with a green Sharpie.

This took a while as well...
The challenge was to do a bright card and I remembered that I downloaded some freebies by Marieke Vermeulen. Printed them up and layered them and wrote "hello peeps" in my new sentiment handwriting (prefer it to my own!)

Right I'm going top sneak back to the conservatory for a little more soul time now!


Janet McKinney said...

I agree that being creative restores your soul.

We were doing the "40 Days of Purpose" at Church a couple of years ago, when my craft obsession at the time was beaded flowers. I had made a lovely red rose - which I was going to give to my darling for Valentines Day. I went to church on Sunday morning, and felt the prompt to give the rose to a friend - who was away from her husband for Valentine's day - and it turned out to be their wedding anniversary.

The topic that week was Worship - and the message I got was worshiping God was walking in obedience to him. Then I felt this little voice say (no I don't hear voices - that little still soft voice in your spirit you recognise as divine) - "You worshiped me when you made and gave away that rose. In fact, you have worshiped me all week while you made it - you just didn't realise it at the time"

That was when I realised that being creative was when I was being what I was created to be - and it was a reflection of the divine within me - being made in God's image. God is creative, and every time I am creative, I am reflecting his divinity in me.

I have since come to realise I need to be creative to restore my soul - to bring my life back into balance.

The real extra benefit is the capacity to then give away what I create to someone else, and it doubles the blessing.

Sorry about such a long comment the first time I write on your blog - but you really inspired me.

Janet McKinney

Natty said...

That's a really colouful card and ticks all the boxes - fab!!

Clare said...

What lovely cards, the one in greens works so well, and the other card is so bright and funky.

Anice said...

I love your card making style. Your eye for colour combinations is just wonderful. Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration to me.
Anice x