Friday, July 04, 2008

Baby its warm outside

But not if you live in New Zealand at this time of year! Which prompted Keryn's challenge to us at Daring Cardmakers this week!
Brrr freezing!
In New Zealand at the moment it's winter and cold and dark. No snow here as temperatures don't get that low but still low enough that that's all anyone thinks about and anyone talks about. So this dare should be easy for those in the colder climes of the Southern Hemisphere but in the North it may be a little trickier. Use images, use colour, use embellishments that make you feel cold and remind you of winter.

I found this kind of hard because, I have realised, having trawled through about 500 pieces of paper... I don't do these sorts of shades. But Basic Grey came to the rescue with the handful of Dasher sheets I have left!
A rather lovely silvery blue dotty paper was stuck down and bradded after a swish of silver ink was given to its sides. I cut a large snowflake from one sheet (well 2/3rds of a snowflake anyway) inked it with silver and stuck down with foam pads - oh after I had stuck the ribbon down of course. little gems were liberally sprinkled over the flake and no, your eyes do not deceive you, that is an actual peel off in the corner.
They are "in" again you know
I'm just seeing if I can bring peeloffs back with that statement. Who knows? Maybe the revolution begins

I have a busy working weekend, hope for some crafting fun as well as teaching on Monday and then have to turn my craft space back into a conservatory/bedroom. Sulk!
Have a good weekend whether its warm or cold where you are!


Jo said...

I love this card, the colours are just so Wintry ( although it does feel a tad wrong making Wintry cards when it is supposed to be Summer.....) Hope your weekend is not to busy - I am sure that you will find time for telebox watching in your schedule this evening.....

jo xx :)

SueH said...

This is just beautiful Lythan.

I love that paper and was hoping that I still had some left when I made my card, but alas no.
I think that means I 'need' to shop!

Jackie said...

Tis fab as usual Lythan.
I haven't even tried this one yet as i really struggle with winter and the C word before I've been on my jollys!

Hazel said...

That's a cool card, Lythan!