Monday, March 16, 2009

I've got that Monday feeling!

For most people Monday is a blah day because it is back to work day. For me it is not at work day! (although people do forget and phone me up and it is hard not to pick up the phone or listen to the messages or read the emails). This Monday has been a great one after a really hard couple of weeks (yes, poor me!). Life is slightly easier for the next couple of weeks but then it is Easter which in my line of work is as busy as Christmas. Only better. But with less presents.

Today it was my turn to get up with the kids (pah) but I was awake and it was sunny so that was ok. After a bit of web surfing I started on my Daring Cardmaker card for this week. I have done two layouts and 3 cards today. Not bad considering I also fitted in dog walking, washing (but not putting away yet), cycling to Imagine That and picking up some fab new papers and their own brand stamps (which are amazing as you'll see when I photograph the card I have used them on), sorting out music for Phil and I to sing next Saturday at a Fairtrade chocolate evening, helping Carys with her piano exam oral tests and having Movie Night (Red Eye. Cillian Murphy gets 8 out of 10 but the film gets 2. WHY do US thrillers always have to end with death?).

Actually I can't show you anything I have made today as it is either for a challenge coming to a blog near you this week or not photographed yet! But I can show a layout I fitted in yesterday afternoon. (Funny story. I cleaned and tidied up the craft space yesterday and forgot about it so when I opened the door this morning I kind of screamed as it just looked WRONG having a bare table!) I was late along to the Salt Party yet again and this was a special one too...
As we now have a bigger challenge team we thought it was a good opportunity for an extra challenge to say hello and we have linked up with a Faith Perspective to do it. The challenge theme is Friendship and I knew straight away that I wanted to talk about our special friend.

The title is taken from one of my favourite songs. I have a book which gives the old tune a blues rhythm which just makes it fabulous!
The photo I found at Scripture Pics and is for the Lectionary when Peter tries and fails to walk on water and Jesus pulls him up. Matt who puts the pics together has done a super job with this one. The statue of the hands actually looks quite different but tells its own great story here.
The papers are all Fancy Pants - some About a Boy and some Daily Grind. I love how the ranges go together. The black letters and the "friend" circle come from the QVC scrap and card set that I have had for about 3 years now. There is a lot of stickle use on the layout too. The curvy writing was done with my Creative Memories lines template. The one I really, really wanted and was so sad at losing on ebay and then I had the chance to win it and was so excited and then didn't use for about 2 years. That template.
If you find it hard to read the writing get new glasses.
OK sorry, it's tomorow already and that was unecessary!
Here is a close up

I have my last MA seminar of the semester tomorrow and then a trip to the Theatre in the evening to see Sweeney Todd. Its the sets at the Queens theatre that are the real stars so I can't wait to see what it looks like!


Hazel said...

Hope the seminar went well and that you enjoyed the trip to the theatre. Your LO for Salt is perfect - I love that curvy writing template (might have to investigate that). x

Kim said...

You've done it again! Created the most amazing page! I just adore your scrapbook work, it's always so original and beautiful. Love this! Great picture and journaling!

pmk said...

Gorgeous layout, I really like the wording and the picture is amazing.

Esther said...

a great picture for the topic, and one of my fac hymns too! love teh wavey writing,very clever!

SueH said...

I’m pleased you had a lovely day crafting, even though I had to put our crafty get together off again.

I love the LO and that paper is just gorgeous (don’t often here me say that about something so bright!)

Calv said...

Love the LO Lythan...did you do the writing on the verse? If so, you have something i always wish i had...."crafty writing" as i call it! That gift of being able to do wring that just suits crafty makes down to the ground.

I'm off to practice! :)