Thursday, March 19, 2009


This is the title for our first Salt Thursday challenge with the new ultra Salt Design Team (with wings!) (Don't know that you will get the wings comment if you are not from the UK. It's slightly off colour but always makes me smile. I suppose I am just a slightly off colour kind of person)

Anyway it is lovely to see so much talent on the team. There was always lots of talent but there were less of us to go round so it is fab to have more people to share Salt with and learn about faith together. It is hard setting challenges you know!

Ruth set the challenge of "Serenity". I note from her blog blurb that this came from the Serenity prayer
God Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
Reinhold Niebuhr.

this is what I chose to focus on. It is very apt as I am in the middle of reading for an essay on the Spirituality of Alcoholics Anonymous, for whom this prayer is very important. Here is my take on the theme.
When I was away at the beginning of March I took our old camera in order to take some arty shots. In the end I just took some self portraits, which I find I use a lot in faith scrapping (is that vain?). My bedroom had this long thick window sill which was perfect for writing on - in Picasa obviously!

I chose papers to go with the turquoise cardigan I was wearing. And then realised you can't see it in the pic - ha! I love these Kaisercraft double sided papers. It was quite hard to use one as the backing really as the other side was gorgeous too. The only other things I added were a few holes (!) some fab scalloped felt ribbon and American Crafts glitter thickers that I discovered in my stash (blush) how could I have forgotten about them? The journal spot has more of the Serenity prayer but I ran out of space so read the whole thing on Hazel's blog!

With the leftovers I made this card for someone at church
The sentiment is a wonderful new stamp from Imagine That's own brand. You can buy the papers there too.

I'm feeling a little sad today as number 1 son has gone away until Monday on a trip round Southampton and Oxford Universities. I used to go away all the time at his age with never a thought for my old 'uns. Wouldn't contact them at all. Hywel has said he will phone every day. Bless.
And how am I going to cope when he goes to Uni in 2010?
Parents of small ones let me tell you it doesn't get easier!

Have a serene day!


Maria Matter said...

What gorgeous papers and layout! Wow! The card is fabulous too!
I'm sure the recipient will be greatly blessed!
Blessings, Maria

Hazel said...

Your LO is such gorgeousness - and the card - good to use the offcuts straight away. Lol! at the LO matching the cardigan that we can't see (just the sort of thing I do!) x

Anonymous said...

They're both just gorgeous Lythan. Lovely photo and quote. :) I think I need to "take in" that quote!


Kathy said...

Wonderful work Lythan, you are so good at this scrapping lark! The quotation is one of my favourites - not that I have much luck living by it.

great card too, love the colourfulness of it

Tip Top said...

These are lovely! I know the prayer too. And if its any help, my youngest starts school (on his 5th Birthday) in 2010......