Sunday, April 26, 2009

the fab, the bad and the ugly

first, the fab.
I had a wonderful time at Imagine That yesterday. Was almost a disaster as I had 10 written in my diary and the class started at 9:30. So Emma phoned me at 9:40... cue a quick dash up the road which wasn't that quick as I was following a tractor. Just shows how much in the countryside this part of London is! Anyway Leandra had kindly started the project for me by making my mini canvases and then it was three hours of fun which went by in a trice. She is an amazing teacher who makes me realise how much I have to learn about teaching craft!

Anyway we used gel medium and old paper and dabbers and painted stamps and mica spray and metal and stamps and gems and this is what we made.
Here are the little canvases in detail. Isn't it lovely? I can't wait to try this sort of technique again (though it will involve just a bit of an outlay so will try and resist for a while!)
Next the bad. I am so proud of Phil and Carys (not the bad bit) while I had fun crafting they had got up at 4:30 in the morning to do a chicken rescue. Phil took the camera and took many photos inside the battery hen sheds. here is a photo that gives you an idea of what battery hen sheds are like
5 layers of chickens. (you can't quite see the bottom layer, just a few of the eggs in the egg catcher at the front). Chickens shoved together in tiny cages. And see those lights? they don't just show you how big this shed is. They are also used to make the chickens think there are 8 days in a week so they lay more eggs.
And if it weren't for the Battery Hen welfare trust and its volunteers these hens would spend 18 months living like this and then be killed.

The ugly - is the state of the hens when they come out. It makes me cry and I am not sentimental about animals at all. I won't put the photos on here. I'll give you the choice to look or not. You can see them on Phil's flickr account here
They rescued 600 hens yesterday which ahve all gone to new homs. Thanks to all who did that (but I still wouldn't let Phil bring anymore home. 3 is enough for me)

Here is a happier bird. Still trying to use up those American Crafts papers (actually I have put them away for now as I needed a rest. Really close to finishing that set though!). I used some Poundland gems and 99p shop coloured staples along with the cute Paperchase owl and Imagine That stamps. I used a scallop punch for the tree and hand cut the trunk


Melis said...

I think the images of the chickens are something everyone should look at if they buy battery hens eggs. My dad has homed many of these chickens when he lived in the country and to see the change in them was wonderful.

Sue said...

well done Carys and Phil i do love a smiling chicken and they will be now xx

love the canvasses - i agree about Leanndra she is fab


CLARE said...

Gorgeous artwork and card. Like the idea of the scalloped puch for the tree. I'm shocked at the pics of the battery hens

Dawn said...

Yay! for Phil and Carys!

We've only bought free range for years now. I don't know how people can knowingly buy battery eggs. But then again I bet a lot make their way into processed foods. :( It's so sad. :(


Jozza said...

I can't believe that in this day and age we allow animals to be kept in such horrific conditions. I did look at the photos, have shed quite a few tears and feel disgusted at the human race for supporting this cruelty by buying battery eggs. I would never ever EVER buy anything other than free range.

Was going to post lots of lovely things about your fab art work but I'm a bit thrown now to be honest. Feel like I want to go rescue some hens (except we are not allowed to keep them where I live) and put the farmers in the cages.

Kathy said...

Firstly, the card you made at the workshop looks fantastic, and so does your gorgeous red/white/green card - love the mix of designs and that colour comb.

Secondly, just wanted to say thank you to Phil and Carys for the work they do with the chicken rescue. The photos may be shocking, but its important that we realise what's going on in these places.

Tip Top said...

If we had more room I'd have chickens.