Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love is like a butterfly

Eeh I didn't realise it was a Dolly Parton song (if you do click then I warn you that the visuals are somewhat disturbing. Ah the fashions of the '70's). I just know it as the title of the 1970's sitcom with Wendy Craig.
(I met Wendy Craig once. You know how you imagine that if you met someone famous you would be all cool and everything? I was blushing and monosyllabic. I still burn from shame)

And I still love butterflies now - especially on cards. I've noticed that when I go back through my photo files most of my cards have flowers on them. But that is moving to butterflies. Perhaps because I feel butterflies are less girly than flowers and I have a lot of men to send cards to (in my churches before you start looking at me funny) and they are a symbol of new life and hope (maybe they should be the Christian easter symbol rather than bunnies and chicks. Hmmmm)

Anyway over the weekend I made up some cards and discovered that I really do like putting butterflies on my cards. This is partly because I took a card making kit with me to the Westies Contact Centre on Saturday and included my Martha Stewart butterfly punch... At Contact centre the volunteers observe and check that everyone is happy and keeping to the rules. So basically 2 hours of sitting. I can't take a book because I escape into it and see nothing so I took some punches, inks and a trimmer. Oh and an old pad of PG paper - Infuse. And I randomly chopped and punched and inked and now have bits to turn into cards at home. Like this...
I added platinum stickles and a Personal Impressions Stamp

I added a Fruit Pixie mini postcard - such a bargain! And some Craft Creations bud roses
Craftwork Cards Candy amd some thin ribbon from stash
Labels 1 stamp from Waltzing Mouse

And as I am never around in daylight to do "What's on your worktop Wednesday" here is "What's on your worktop Monday morning"And that is not the whole desk! But it is the end of the cardmaking that produced the above haul! Since then it has been tidied, cleaned, messed up, tidied, messed up, tidied a bit and now is mid layout. I am on Study leave this week. Sort of. (there are far too many meetings in for it to be a proper one) and so will do a bit of reading and then a bit of scrapping when my brain starts getting fuddled. Which as I am 45 this year comes far too easily!

Sundays service went well - I think I managed to fuse the thoughts together in worship and also got some ideas as to how the congregation will make the most of the Year of Prayer that the URC is doing this year.
And if you didn't think I had a mind like a butterfly I think this post shows you how I flit from thing to thing quite easily!


Ruth said...

Hope the study week is productive - use your facebook friends to keep you motivated!

Kathy said...

Fantastic haul of cards - and a real treat to see your desk, Lythan