Thursday, January 07, 2010

Tiddley pom

The more it
SNOWs- tiddely-pom,
The more it
The more it
And nobody
How cold my
How cold my

so says Winnie the Pooh and so says me. It has a tune in my head!
I do have to keep reminding myself
that I am not on holiday any more just because some of the schools are closed
2 kids can walk to school and theirs is shut. One has a 45 minute bus ride and his is open!!!
And for those of you who live in Canada or snowy parts of the US laugh away
as we have hardly any snow or freezing temps compared to yours

We have had a lovely time since I last posted.
We saw the Woman in Black at the Fortune Theatre
which was super scary
and then we have been snowed in (ish) since then!
The house is a long way from normal
but I've decided that I want to spend this year SLOWLY decluttering - we'll see!

It is Salt day today and my take on the challenge might be a bit surprising.
Stacy asked us to reflect on 1 Corinthians 13.
Now usually I would head straight for the Love is... section
but this time the phrase that jumped out was
"But if I have no love I am nothing".
And from there the song "What about the love" by Amy Grant sprang to mind

(actually not by Amy Grant but she is the one I know singing it)
If you want a close up of the lyrics you will find them
because you can't really read them on my layout!
I do wish that I had done it a little differently.
But I had written out the heart before I sprayed it with Glimmer Mist
and the writing ran.
So I turned over and did it again.
Now I wish I had also stamped a background something
and stuck it down before i wrote on it
so that there was better overlap with the photo.
But do you know what?
I'm not going to!
It took ages to get the photo right with the finger in focus and Phil blurred
(oooh isn't he stern!)

The papers are all October Afternoon Report Card.
The blue cardstock is from a Costco kit

Here are close ups of the Scripture and the key part of the song

(I'm having trouble with fonts and columns today - hope you can read it fine!)


Traceyr said...

I have seen the Woman in Black twice and both times I was scared. Glad you enjoyed it.


artfulstampin said...

Love all the words in the heart, especially the funky handwriting! Great pic, love the in focus and out of focus, was well worth the effort!

Unknown said...

Very neat lo Lythan!! Wonderful! :)

MonaS! said...

I LOVE the heart - what a beautiful layout!

Kim said...

Wonderful Lythan! I love those papers and writing out the song lyrics is pure genius! :-)

Hazel said...

I just love seeing your writing on your LOs - I could never have managed anything like that heart - you are so talented - your LO is perfect as it is and is such a blessing x