Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm melting, I'm melting

said in my best wicked witch of the whichever voice...
Actually this evening i've been to the cinema and it had AIR CONDITIONING. Wonderful.
went to see Stormbreaker - the film based on the first Alex Rider novel by Anthony Horowitz. it was really good fun. The cinema had us and one other family in until the film had just started when a gaggle of girls sat in the row behind us. (as there was nowhere else you could sit obviously) and for the first half of the film swooned every time the boy playing Alex Rider came on. He is quite a handsome young man. And I am definately old enough to be his mother...

Lisa's blog had a challenge and I'm never one to pass up a challenge so
If you could choose your own name what would it be and why?
How fiendish is that?
Hhhhmmmm. Now as a person with a strange name I have often thought about having a different one. When I was younger I wanted to be called 'Melanie' apparently. I think i would still like a Welsh name. I love the name Angharad and would have chosen it as a girls name but it does not go with Nevard. I used to love Llinos too but you have to be able to say the 'll' sound which involves sticking the tip of your tongue just behind your top teethand then blowing air down the side of your mouth so the saliva bubbles.
Go on give it a try.
now "Llandaff".
And if you are really getting the hang of it you can try Llanelli and Llangollen.

This is all a bit like mime on the radio really

Anyhoo I also like "Siriol" (sunshine) again vetoed for any daughter of ours as it sounds like 'cereal' to Phil and the harder sounding version of Carys - Cariad - which is kind of like darling, or beloved, but doesn't go with the surname.

I like names with 3 syllables (although we are a strictly 2 syllable first name family) so maybe I'll just go for Tallullah becuase I always wanted to be the one in Bugsy Malone - sort of mysterious and popular with the boys.

Did any mothers actually call their children names that they wanted when they were little?

Other excitements today - made my first ever scrapbook page. Phil was shouting at a fox in the garden at 5:45 (coudln't get to the chickens but we have a laser beam with a noise that is supposed to put them off. DIDn't). Anyway for some strange reason I couldn't get back to sleep so decided to take the bull by the horns and make a page.
And I've got ideas for a few more...

And Phil went out and bought me a new office chair. Been on my too do list for too long. What a sweetie...

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Lisa said...

Thanks Lythan!!! And you def. suit Tallulah!! xxxxxxxx