Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tra la la!

We will get to those songs in a while...
I really enjoyed the Imperial War Museum to my surprise. We didn't do it all as Phil and I had to be back to pick up Carys from school plus I had seen enough guns... and was hampered by having left my normal glasses in the car - and lots of exhibits are dark... but it was still good - especially the children during WW2 exhibition.
All the stuff about evacuees just made me cry. I know how unbearable it is not to see the kids for 3 weeks in the summer - and we tlak on the phone most days. It wasn't like that then. There was a haunting photo of 3 women seeing their children leave. They are behind metal trellis shutters and all look bereft but completely dry eyed...
I took some pics of the posters dotted around that make me laugh.
And the Mickey Mouse gas mask that my mother talks about - which looks nothing like Mickey Mouse to me...

I also loved the art that was taking place - making these poppies to go round the base of a V2 bomb.

Yesterday was Carys' sports day so I went to the second half (it goes on ALL DAY). She wasn't competing in the races but i did manage to get a good action shot of her friend Ellie during the obstacle race. There is a sports function on the camera but i haven't learnt how to use it yet...

So the songs...
this is soooo hard becasue the list could be very, very long. So just a few off the top of my head. quite a few are to do with feelings of unrequited love as a teenager (spotty, tiny, flat chested (late developer, never give up hope girls!), nerdy).

Never let her slip away - Andrew Gold
I'm not in love - 10CC
Dancing Queen - Abba - which I want at my cremation as the curtains close!
Hard for me to say I'm sorry - Air Supply
Blockbuster - Sweet (my first crush. On all of them but particularly Brian the blond one. I was 6)
Nights in white satin - Moody Blues
Nothing compares 2 U - Sinead o Conner
1999 - Prince
I only have eyes for you - Art Garfunkel
Smells like teen spirit - Nirvana
Freak - Radio head ( I think)
Ever fallen in love - Buzzcocks
My baby just cares for me - Nina Simone
the whole Blues Brothers soundtrack
Echo Beach - Martha and the Muffins
Up all night - talking heads
I'm a beleiver - the Monkees
Never had a dream come true - S Club 7 !!!!! When Carys' was younger we used to sing this to each other and when she went away for aformentioned 3 weeks so PHil and I could work I would play it and sob!

Oooh I've gone all gooey now. There are stories with many of these songs and if I were a scrapbooker they would make some great pages!!


Kathy said...

Great list Lythan, you reminded me of some that really should have been on my list!

Anita said...

OH that gas mask reminded of that Dr Who episode, which in my opinion is the scariest dr who ever made! **shudders**

Jane said...

hep hem ?