Friday, July 28, 2006

in laws leave 3, invisible friend arrives 1

and I am a slave to shoe fashion

3 members of the Canada family left yesterday and guess will be home soon. Matt went with them to the airport to collect his friend (ooh did we forget to tell you he was coming a day earlier?). Braden has been here almost 24 hours and I haven't met him yet! I did hear him fall out of bed though... Oh to be 19 and free in a foreign country (your spag bol is still in the oven from last night lads. Guess it was a liquid tea)
Ooh quick update - just met Braden. Big white teeth. Clean.

Phil and I went to London to listen to some bands. Oooh hark at us. I've lived on the outskirts of London for 7 years now and managed a year in Kilburn before that and this is a first!
"My friend Gary P is playing in the Hope and Anchor in Islington, wanna go?"
Not really but couldn't think of a reason why not so we went.

So what do you wear? I've got a nice new skirt from Primark which is turquoise blue with red embroidery. Oh I can show it because I took a picture with a mad plan of turning it into background paper
Yes sort of wrinkled, unironed looking background paper...
Anyhoo decided to wear my patent shiny red loafers. Looked so good.
Tube was hot.
Feet swelled up.
Hope and Anchor seemed miles from Tube Station.
Now have nice red cuts and blisters over feet to match the red on the skirt.
Phil doesn't understand why I can't just wear comfy shoes.
Neither do I to be honest.

we saw two bands in the end.
The first was called kovak. Really enjoyed them. The stage was about as teeny as a stage can be. The lead guy was so tall i thought he was going to hit the roof. Best part of the sound was the keyboard and electronics stuff (pre synth type stuff).
Then came Gary's band. Who apart from the drummer were all blond. Which is unusual for blokes in their 20's and 30's. They were good but slightly put off by the lead guy forgetting his capo. Howl Griff they are called. Griff is Welsh so Phil said I had to like them. Yes I did. But I preferred Kovak. Howl Griff has a good thumping rhythym sound and gary has a good line in ironic facial expressions. Part of their act was marred by the tall guy standing in front of me, snuggling up with his equally tall boyfriend so that their arms blocked what little view there had been before. Gigs should be like photographs, small ones at the front, tall ones at the back or if you must be at the front hands by your sides.

I had this wild dream that we would be home by 10 and I could do some crafty stuff. I had forgotten that
a: bands do not come on at the time they say they will
b: public transport sucks late at night
c: Upminster is right at the end of the District Line
so we got in at 11:40...

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