Monday, February 12, 2007

And here is the news

So much has happened since I last blogged.
You may not be interested but if I don't post it here I will forget. So you can turn off here (and thanks for dropping by) or skip to the pictures. I don't mind!

Last Thursday I blogged about the LO I scrapped and that I couldn't remember where I got the from. Well on Friday i went a blog surfin and lo and behold guess what I found! Tenika's site where she sells the transparencies. How cool is that. And a certain LO may end up on that site too... The transparencies are awesome and such good value. I remember the postage being teeny weeny.

Saturday was another church walk. I had been feeling blah and didn't want to go. But I am a good girl so did. I remembered to put my new welly boots on. I remembered to put on my woolly hat. I forgot to put my waterproof coat on. And that (said Lythan) was splat. (homage to AA Milne. Top poet). Yes it rained for 4 hours solid and I had my warm coat on which is frankly bobbins in the wet. I was so wet that when we parked up at Tesco for part 2 of the walk (as you do) I rushed in and bought a new jacket. Because I am tight (ok because i would rather spend money on paper), I bought the cheapest I could which is a man's (waterproof) black bomber jacket. It is cosy (and waterproof) and best of all i feel like a bouncer in it. I swaggered round the rest of the walk muttering "if your name's not down, you're not coming in" under my breath. After lunch the sun shone and we walked Maldon promenade where the boats looked beautiful.

then we saw the most amazing sight. A flock of starlings twirling and whirling in the sky. A photo can't really capture it.

Sunday: Church then a day of rest as still feeling blah and wanting to be well enough for today -

Monday:when I did my first teaching at Imagine That! went ok, learnt a few things but I'm happy to do it again as it is fun! I made another version of my valentine card for Phil as another class idea. However due to doing nothing yesterday i didn't finish it in time to also take photos so that will have to wait until tomorrow. Plus I have missed out on the Daring Cardmakers Little Extra again and was really hopeful for this week! You can see the fantastic creations of those who pulled their finger out on Tuesday.

Adios Amigos


Gillian said...

Oh Lythan I love your photo's.. esp that second bottom one! it's amazing... I did laugh at your raincoat purchase.. i'd rather spend my money on paper too.. :o)
I do hope you're feeling better soon.. and glad your class went well.

Kathy said...

Lovely photos Lythan. We go to Maldon every now and then, it's a nice drive over and walking along the prom is lovely - except the last time we went was a baking hot day (unlike yours) and the prom was pretty much all closed off due to renovation work!

Well done on the class - were your students well-behaved?

Still time for that LE btw....