Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A little bit of enabling

I am the sort of scrap shopper who splurges then doesn't buy anything for a while (hmm wonder if it is hormonal?) well it has been splurge time - although two lots of things I will have to wait 6-8 weeks for. Actually that is great because I am thinking of giving up scrap supply buying for Lent again this year so that will mean treats in the middle!

.... (time passes) Now here's a funny thing. I went to the Cool Blue Scrapbooking site so i could put the url here of the kit I have bought. I am so excited because due to time differentials they have normally sold out by the time I get there. (all that for £15 including postage!) And I found
there's a sale on!
So i now have 3 parcels coming in 6-8 weeks... I have bought the Heidi Swapp date roller, the Scenic Route papers as they are some of my new faves (as you will see) and the Crate Paper carnival set - £5! And the shipping is usually about £3.50 which is cheaper than some UK sites... I also almost bought Twirl (cough that and Holly are the only Crate sets I don't have) but I managed to show some restraint!

I also happened to pass A million little Things on my Scenic Route and may also have bought a few of the American Crafts thicker letters in felt. Again what bargain prices.

And I have also been to Imagine That this week (it is confirmed I am teaching next week. Only two people but I'm still terrified!) and bought a few papers. And things. And then I went to Artbase today as I had parked my car round the corner from there for an all day meeting where I had to work very hard and deserved a treat and anyway it is a local byelaw that you can't walk past Artbase and not go in so I bought the build a flower stamps and some MM kraft stickers. I baffled the man in the shop by asking for kraft paper. he said it is what you use to make paper bags. But on 2peas it is often used instead of bazzill. still i get some kraft in my new scenic route papers so I will find out then.

So are you as enabled and skint as me yet?

Oooh which reminds me - FREE enabling. Elsie has put a load of cute sketches on her site!

I end with pics of my darling daughter's hair. She has the most beautiful wavy hair but I straightened it for her yesterday and she loved it. Sigh. She will be in secondary school next year and it will all be different

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Paula J Atkinson said...

you naughty splurger you!!!
I find I splurge when I feel sorry for myself, so I have hidden the credit card as right now, with no central heating, boy do I feel sorry!!!!!!!!!
As for the hair, very pretty but being a redhead I hate mine & now Im getting older the pure white ones have come through & I blonde hi light to blend them in. I was called terrible names as a child for my hair colour & even into adult life I have had nasty remarks made but now I am nearly 40, I am beginning to like it more!