Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Today is Ash Wednesday. soon I will be going to church to place ashes on people's foreheads and remind them that from ashes we come and to ashes we return. Its a day to consider how things have gone astray this year and commit ourselves to using Lent to make a change in our lives. It is a very serious, solemn thing but its one of the "occasions" of the church that marks a new season and I love it.

I have resolved to give up buying new stuff in Lent again as it is good for the soul. And I managed not to do lots of last minute ordering in the last few days either. I am allowed to buy glue. there is no way I will run out of DS tape so its only glue I can buy. (I have about 50 small rolls). I can enjoy parcels that will arrive - oooh like the one today! I succumbed to Ali Edwards book the Designers eye with patterned paper cos I love using lots of patterns together and I look forward to being informed by it.

So we are at the beginning of Lent. Which means yesterday was Shrove Tuesday. Pancake Day! I made the most wonderful batter with totally fresh eggs laid that day - the batter was custard yellow. I was going to take a photo but decided it was silly. And wish I had. because one of the chickens who contributed her bounty is no more. Margi was only with us for about 10 days - we took her in because her owners were moving. The other two were just beginning to accept her. I hadn't even got round to mentioning her on here and now she is gone. We are not sure exactly what happened and when but it is at least partly my fault. Sob.

On a lighter note I am feeling better and did manage a LO on Monday night. It is 8x8 for the Scotland album. Karen G on posted a link on Carolyn's forum to this great Warning Label Generator which was begging to be used straight away.
Papers are the new Scarlet letter pad, robo lettering and arrows, stamped brackets, varied stickers and rub ons.


Jacqueline said...

Reading your mail I had to think of the film called 'Chocolate' with Johnny Depp - have you ever seen it - I can highly recommend it - it is beautiful!
I came across your blog via via... hope that's o.k.
You do lovely craft work!

Rachel said...

Awwww poor little chickie. But what a busy bee you have been - we never got to pancakes, I am not on a stash diet - well at least not by choice (the car service is helping at £500 plus) and I am still dithering about choccie - I don't think I can do it....


Gillian said...

Oh I do love this LO Lythan.. esp all the arrows... YUMMY... it looks amazing!... and you are such a good girl.. not spending for Lent... I hadn't heard of Ash Wenesday meaning that... In Australia we have a day called that but it's to remember a terrible bushfire, that claimed many lives about 10 or so years ago..Sorry that's todays usless bit of information for you... :o)

Paula J Atkinson said...

gorgeous page.
I own & am in love with BG Scarlet Letter!!!!