Tuesday, February 27, 2007

crafty catch up

Cos if I don't now it will be about Thursday again. And although I don't blog every day myself I do think if you are going to blog you ought to post every couple of days. even if life is boring. Looking back over the weekend although I had a lot of work on I also managed a fair bit of craftiness as well. AND put the washing away. Though strangely there is oodles of clean washing once more... Oh I would love to be a domestic goddess i really would. But I am a slattern. still someone once told me it was my gift not to worry about how clean and tidy your house is - and she truly meant it as a compliment as she and her daughter were more concerned with keeping their places in tip top shape than playing with their children and allowing them to have wild times.
Ok what I really need is a housekeeper but I won't be getting one! And my kids are normally v. healthy which i put down to the influence of germs in the house at all times.

Anyhoo. Saturday night I set myself the challenge of making 10 cards before I could do a layout. And somehow I managed it!
using my SA January kit. The cards are just perfect with the papers so it made making coloured base cards a joy - I am much more of a white and cream person now. After Easter I will be getting more white and cream square cards cos I am really into those now.
Here is a close up of just oneInspired by the wonderfully talented Sue Hyde. She made a little paper sailing boat. Hers are neater than mine but then she is neat and I am scrappy in style! I thought it was a great idea for men's cards so repeated it several times in different ways. i find it really hard to make cards the same so I tend to take one or two ideas and adapt them in different ways.
So my reward was doing this
I had all these awesome photos of nature on the beach and was stuck on how to use them on a 8x8 page. Ali Edwards style came to the rescue again. And I have finally managed to use paper from more than one company on a page. It makes researching tiny squares of paper longer but the result is quite pleasing.
Here comes the credits bit
papers: Basic Grey (Stella Ruby and Phoebe); American Crafts (darkened with brown distress ink); Cosmo Cricket wanted (almost exactly the same colour palette as Stella ruby I notice. Hmmmm)
Purple Onion letter stamps (I have now coloured the B's red and it looks better); Bazzill Buttons; Be Blessed rub on (heart in top corner); my beloved pink square punch.
loves my punches i do.
Yesterday Anita came to play. Sue H couldn't come as her dad is very ill (get well soon Mr H!). we popped in to Imagine That and it was sweet torture as Emma told me about all the things she is getting in soon from the trade shows. I am going to start a wish list I reckon for when Lent is over! We made some more cards. Then I ahd to work in the evening (boo hoo) but wanted to finish a birthday card for a sweet little girl and make a layout. Took ages over the card (kept telling myself she is only 4 and not that bothered but that didn't work!) then the layout went to pieces.
I have yet more gorgeous photos of Carys dressed up for a party on Saturday.
Black and white flowery dress with a Wedgwood blue background (bathroom door - one of the only places you can take photos in the house. I am standing on the bath). I have 3 photos like this, a note generated about how she doesn't wear frilly dresses to parties anymore and black and white lettering for the title. I decided to go 8x8 but i have the perfect blue 12x12 paper. I didn't want to cut it up. The photos look good on black but then I couldn't find any paper with blue in Then I thought I would punch blue flowers to match the black and couldn't find my flower punch even though i had put all my punches away. I went into scrap meltdown which is quite funny really. Fancy having a major tantrum over paper and punches!

I am more in perspective today you will be pleased to note! But sadly cannot do anymore with said page until tomorrow night possibly but more likely next Monday. it better be worth it!!!!!


artfulstampin said...

I love those "mens" boating cards. Funky and stylish withouthaving to resort to beer, football or golf! Loving your black and cream phase! It's fab to restrict colours sometimes, somehow I tend to me more creative on a limited palette.

Kathy said...

The cards are FAB - you clever bunny, you!
10 cards in one sitting and it wasn't even Christmas.....wow! I'm impressed.

As I am by that fab LO btw.
Did you buy that dress for Carys with the scrap page in mind?

interesting idea, palnning the LO before buying clothes/shoes/cakes/housey stuff. Maybe I should scrap my new duvet cover.

Paula J Atkinson said...

I love squares, they speak to me & Ali tells us to mix it up with different designers.
I've made a canvas based on the front cover of her first book but trying to get a decent photo is driving me nuts!!!

Esther said...

Beauty on the Beach! What an imaginative title! I wandered whether there was something missing as you mentioned it in the card... but didnt want to mention it just incase... Lovely boat cards, your comment on your boat be scrappier reminds me of a rubber stamp I've got on the lines of 'Work of Art, and blotches smudges or inconsistencies are part of the design and do not deminish this work in a anyway' (Icant do justice to what it says as I am trying to remember from the top of my head)