Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sickly Sunday

Finally succumbed good and proper to the lurgy. Not good as I have work with a vengeance this next week. Sigh.
But being a dedicated blogger i have crawled out of my sick bed to show you my latest works of "art"

OK I was bored.

Last card club I took along the free papers from Scrapbook Inspirations. They were not the sort of thing I would normally use but actually realised they were quite nice and that I neeeeded some proper ones (Don't really like the shiny freebie paper) I went to Imagine That to buy some flowery Wild Asparagus but ended up with some spotty and stripy instead. And bought these matching words as I already had these photos in mind.
So its basically all three sheets of paper in strips and photo corners, plus the words, plus my new Heidi Swapp date stamp and a three quarter rosette in the corner. (My scrapping consultant suggested I needed to draw in a seagull but I went for that instead)

Actually I have realised that in the three LO's I have done there is something decorative in the top right hand corner. Wonder why?

Doing the Jack in the Box class at Imagine That get me challenging myself to use more of my BG Colour Me Silly Frog paper. And this is what I cme up with
{the layout will be back}
All BG paper but I made the spots myself! Words cut out on Jimbo the Robo. He is so cool! I was going to put the little colour picture in the corner attached with matching fibres that I got as a freebie. My scrapping consultant said the fibres looked horrible wherever they were as he doesn't like them. Thinking about it, neither do I. So if anyone wants some Colour Me Silly fibres - cut up but not used - you can have them! Went for more of that lovely May Arts double sided ribbon again.

Here's the journalling...{the layout will be back}
And lastly, a page I knew I had to do when I found out what Katya calls Carys. The papers and elements are all from the Neopolitan to go paper pad, apart from 2Carys" which are Poundland alphabet stickers and "from the" which are making memories kraft stickers. The " are from my Stamps Away punctuation set. BUT I had to do one side upside down as both sorts face the wrong way... unless I am doing something obviously wrong.
It's the first time I have tried a little mini book on a page. I didn't want the story of the title to detract from the big photo and I had another two photos of them together as well. Katya's mother is Russian so she has a Russian name - Ekatarina, although she is usually called Katya. So I checked and her initial is E

The flower is my first try at a real Carole Janson type one. But I wanted to fit the thing in my album so I didn't mount in between. I reckon (modestly!) it would have looked good though!. Most of the pieces were cut outs from the pad, others cut from some of the paper and others punched using some of my big flowers.
I've cancelled my scrap day with Sue and Anita tomorrow, but hope I will feel up to doing a little scrapping and card making as I really love this crafting lark!


Wendy - Anntaurus said...

OOh Lythan what lovely layouts. The top one is very interesting with the way the paper is cut and I love the 'mad as a Box of Frogs layout - Brilliant!

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

PS Oh sorry - hope you are feeling better soon! Most important comment and I left it out. I am so embarrassed.

Paula J Atkinson said...

what fabulous stuff. sorry to hear you aren't wel. Im not 100% & put it down to when I had no heating for 3 weeks!!

Gillian said...

I'm so sorry you are not feeling well, and hope that you are soon feeling much better...
Gorgeous LO's Lythan... I just smiled when I scrolled down to the froggy one!.. it's sooo cute and fun.. but the other ones are just gorgeous too...

Kimberly White said...

Beautiful layouts! I especially love that flower and the mini book! Feel better soon! Kim

*Beatriz Jennings* said...

oH THIS is beautiful love the colors in all this creations!


Paula said...

I love what you've done with the booket Lythan - and get better soon!