Friday, February 08, 2008

MMmmmm Pesto

I love pesto. I love it with pasta and I love it in sammiches. When I am in Cambridge I usually have a buffalo mozarella, sundried tomato and pesto panini. Oooh mouth watering as I type! That particular lunch time treat is made all the tastier by my student discount though.

This week on Daring Cards we were given a tasty Paper Pesto kit to use. I did try it with cheese and tomato but it didn't taste the same, so I used the rest to make a card with. I shared my kit out with Sue H - now a member of the Daring Cardmakers Team. And wow what a card she made with it. It looks like something from a Basic Grey designer. Just so cool. Run and have a look here! The other cards are also wonderful of course and it is nice to see us all matching colourwise - though all very different as ever (hope that doesn't sound too gushing or big headed. Hate that)

My card was based on the J M Barrie quote in the circle
I used my nestabilites circles to layer it and added some doodle dots with a Glaze pen. The same round the little birdie. We were also given some funky Sassafrass Lass paper with the bird on it but she was white and my card was cream so this is a home made effort. The bloom is a borgeous Bazzill Bling one.

This week Lent started so I have begun my Lenten journal. I won't show the cover page because it is not finished. And I am going to redo it anyway as I wrote "Joural". Pants.
I think I am going to start adding some patterned paper to my pages otherwise they will get very samey - although the arty bit is supposed to be secondary to my reading and reflections!
The prayer on the left I found on the Salvation Army website - they put up a short prayer every day and I love this one. The Bible quote on the right hand page is from the chapter heading of a book by someone called Jennifer Rees Larcombe talking about her life. I also plan to put in challenges from Faith Sisters and other thoughts and prayers I come across each day.
Hopeflly at the end, not only will I have enjoyed the journey but will have something to look back over and treasure.
(BTW Faith Sisters made my Grace layout their challenge layout of the week. Stoked!)
The paints that I use are dye based from Art Van Go. They are really vivid colours and dry ever so quickly.

DO you know I wish I hadn't mentioned pesto because I am now starving. And I must work a bit more before taking Carys on her first trip to the orthodontist!


Sandy said...

Wow wonderful piece. Love your great work.

SueH said...

Thank’s for your comments about my card but I think it's more Basic than Basic Grey!!!

Your card is as wonderful as ever especially as you had very little left to work with after sharing your part of the kit with me, so thanks for that. Those nestablities are just fabby too Lythan, I can see they go together now.

Nickynoo said...

Another stunning card Lythan, such a lovely composition. I've just realised mine is quite a similar layout to yours - not intentional in the least, but they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!! :0)

Rika said...

Fantastic card Lythan!

Andrea, said...

Beautiful card, I love those papers

Ana Baird said...

Fabulous! Great project!

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Soooo cute...I love it!!!

Clare said...

Love your card, everyting on it works so well. Really like the little birdie in the corner!

Unknown said...

Fab card, and I like your journal. I have a similar thing here, I didn't think to add the challenges though.

Esther said...

OOh what wonderful papers you have used in your card! Lovely to see how your journal looks inside! I hope that the work craft balance works out for you.