Thursday, February 19, 2009


So can someone tell me where the last week has gone?
I am ostensibly on holiday this week.
Apart that is, from going to Cambridge for an MA seminar on Tuesday and dealing with a funeral and a pastoral situation which wiped out yesterday. And tomorrow is Friday. Already
However I do say that Ministers are the only ones who can control their diaries so can't complain when they do it badly.
So I am not complaining. Just feeling sorry for myself.

there have been good bits to this week too!
No early mornings. No real lie ins either as the painters have still been here - gone now though!
Theatre trip on Tuesday. We have signed up to see 4 plays at our local theatre and this week saw "How the other half loves" by Alan Ayckbourn. I did find it hard to like a play when none of the characters is really likeable. But fab, fab set once again. We are not allowed to photograph the set which is a shame as they are always things of beauty :)
Movie night last night - Fun with Dick and Jane. Which was quite a lot of fun. though it edged on the slapstick which I don't appreciate.
(eek I am sounding such a curmudgeon)
today I have taken a class at Imagine That based on the set of cards I made as a Daring Cardmaker Little Extra last summer. there were 6 people and it was quite complicated to get a handle on - mostly because the person who created the cards just really cut into the paper and made it up as she went along which doesn't necessarily translate into a logical class. Emma however did a sterling job of adding some logic in with some diagrams which helped a lot! I was on my feet for about 3 and a half hours so am now on my knees!

And I have finished the Aachen (not so) mini album. It has about 80 6x6 layout pages (one on each side) and I will now need to reinforce the back! But at least it went through the Bind It All which I doubted at one point! And I am still not tired of Basic Grey Ambrosia. Maybe I'll amke some cards with it soon just to finish it off though. I'll photograph it and add it to the blog tomorrow.

But the photos today are different. In a mo' I will show my Salt layout for today which features a photo that I wrote on. And then I want to showcase some of PHil's photographs.
Salt this week has, as ever, a fab challenge.
Please feel free to share something you've created based on this week's theme of sacrifice. You may want to focus on someone who has sacrificed for you; your parents, family members, or friends, all of these given to you as a blessing from God. Or perhaps you'd like to focus your effort solely on Christ's work on the cross. Whatever you prefer, please leave us a comment with a link back to your blog or gallery. It would be a tremendous blessing for you to share your work with us!
I knew what I wanted to express and that is my thanks for Jesus making himself like us
This is an A4 photograph, from Scripturepics
So very simple really. I used some Doodlebug letters (the ones for Sacrifice and cross are lovely and sparkly!), some Making Memories kraft words and a Sharpie pen.

And here is what Phil is doing with our new camera - a Nikon D60. He is taking it off manual and everything! I am so proud of what he has done with it.
The first one has been photoshopped

the second had a colour change too

but this last one is, as is.
Carys got a little wet! But not as wet as she will be on Sunday when she is being baptised...


Canne said...

love that lO and the photo's the bursting balloon is amazing!

Kathy said...

You've had a busy week then! I thought you'd been quiet and was about to ask Sue if you were away.
That book sounds incredible - HOW many LOsa?
Great LO, love all the written stuff and the whole thing is really striking.
As for those photos - well, isn't he a clever boy....

I hope all goes well for Carys on Sunday, you're going to be such a proud mummy

Hazel said...

Such a busy 'holiday' week, Lythan! Your Salt LO, once again, is spot on and beautifully crafted. Yay for Phil's fab photos. And double yay for Carys' baptism. x

Alex said...

WOW: I love the photos, that last one is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Alex x

Kim said...

Love your piece Lythan! I just adore your layouts, they are always a delight for the eyes! :-)

Nickynoo said...

Wow, that balloon pic is amazing!

Anonymous said...

What a busy week! Your salt layout is fab and well......the photos - they're fantastic!! I'm still practising with my camera and there is no sign of me getting to that standard yet! :)


Paula said...

Wow!! That balloon pic is AMAZING!!