Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow day!

It is one of the "are you really a grown up" tests.
Do you go "yay snow!" or "oh no, snow".
Today it is a "yay!". Tomorrow it will be a boo as I have to go to Cambridge and as I wasn't well and missed the last class I really, really want to go this time!

At 11 am it is still snowing in Upminster. I don't think I ever remember it like this before! Hywel knew that college was off at 7:30. The other school didn't let us know until 8:15 - not on the website or radio Essex or on the school answer machine or anything until then. We are near enough that walking is no problem but for other parents who drive I would have been miffed. Actually as there are no buses in London AT ALL today I guess most outlying kids would have had to be off anyway. Phil's sister who lives in Alberta Canada where it is usually -30 this time of year will be laughing at us wusses

Our poor dog - I let her out about 7:40 and forgot about her. Carys said at 8:15 "shall I let the dog in, she looks a bit cold?" Now she had gone out without her coat and greyhounds have such thin fur, I feel terrible! The chooks weren't sure but they do look purty in the snow
this is our road earlier todayI don't think I have ever seen real icicles like this

and we need some arty shots of the fishing lake (we are going back later to do some more art!)
and from our bedroom window. As Carys was off we had time for more snake hair. Next time I will move my pj's first!
Of course it also means the painters haven't come. That means even longer until my craft space is mine, all mine again! I am now resorting to going into the conservatory and pulling boxes out. I do know now that I am addicted to crafting as I am getting fidgety without it. Sadly I hadn't put the punch I need for my Aachen stuff back in the right place so can't finish any pages properly yet. But here are a few recent ones. I am onto the shopping section and then there are a few photos of Bruges and then the monster needs to be bound which I am v. nervous about.
The right hand page is on acetate and you can see a shaped page and then the next page underneath.I usually don't like the idea of using one set of papers for a mini book as I think you can get tired of them. But I STILL love Ambrosia by Basic Grey. Which is good becasue at this rate I will have to buy some more!

It is Candlemas day today. We celebrated it at church last night. Something we don't usually do. We were going to parade around outside the church with candles to celebrate the fact that Jesus is the light of the world. We opened the door, saw it was snowing, my candle went out, so we retreated fast ! Actually we ended up in a part of the church with glass doors and so our reflections went on and on through them. truly beautiful.

I mention Candlemas also because it is still snowing here and there is a traditional rhyme that goes
If Candlemas Day be fair and bright
Winter will have another fight.
If Candlemas Day brings cloud and rain,
Winter won't come again.

Doesn't mention snow...


Hazel said...

Great snow shots. For me, it's 'oh no!' but then I'm an oldie! (although I was also like it when I was much younger) - love to look at fresh snow though - very pretty. Shame about the conservatory - I know what you mean about addiction to crafting and getting fidgety when you can't. x

Hazel said...

Forgot to say - there's something for you on my blog. x

Anice said...

Such beautiful pictures Lythan. I have to say I really don't like snow..never have. But your pictures really make it look wonderful. There is none here in Newcastle today which I'm happy about, for a change you Southerners are having all the weather troubles HeHe!!
Anice xx

Esther said...

great pics of the hens and loving the frozen water one! I am definatley a yay its snowing!!!

SueH said...

I see you’re getting to grips with your new camera Lythan, the snow shots are beautiful but how could you leave poor Lucky out in the cold. Mind you, she was braver than Bo; he turned tail as soon as he saw it!

Your album is truly beautiful and I can say that in all honesty because ……I’ve seen it!

lisa said...

I love all your photos Lythan. Everything look so beautiful : )

Carol said...

fabulous pictures! your chooks look like they don't mind too much...ours wern't too sure but after being in a tiny cage for a year anything must be better than that! Cats don't like it at all :(

carol x

Tip Top said...

Ah, the snow up here in Lancashire is piddling compared to that! And I am a YEAH! Snow kinda gal!