Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Its bigger than I expected

When my Ma-in-law said she could see the Isle of Wight from her house I thought she meant from an upstairs window with binoculars. I was wrong.
OK this is from the upstairs window as the spectacular sunset could be seen better but you don't need binoculars. That big piece of land stretching in front is the I-o-W herself. And that is Brenda's garden just in front. After 18 conifers were taken out!. We didn't take a photo of the front of the house but here it is from the back
Its the pointy roof one, third from the right. And yes, although she is 5 minutes from the sea, she still has fields to look at. We can't wait to go and stay again. I love being by the sea (but will need earmuffs as there is quite a wind too). It did help that the weather last week was gorgeous.
(Carys and two of Grandma's dogs. She "accidentally" got her feet wet. Nearly 14 too - where is her common sense? With mine somewhere I expect...)We drove back late Sunday (toll free - yay!) to avoid the traffic so I haven't had so much crafty time. I need to get my essay plans straight as the MA work is due in soon. I went to Cambridge yesterday to find out more about my dissertation and what I need to do and the timetable is all a bit sobering. BUT I did make a few cards using leftover scraps of paper so I have officially finished with my Crate Paper Prudence. I have a few of the die cuts left but not many. If you click on the photo you can see the close up and the astute may notice I now have some Papertrey Ink stamps and dies too.

I also thought I ought to do a DCM card. I may be late to the ball but there you are
The theme set by the wonderful Sue is "If the shoe fits". Sue is having a tough time just lately. So unfair.
Which makes my card a tad trival really. But I tried to make it specially sparkly in her honour.
The shoe itself is hand painted on silk. I did this about 4 years ago and have kept oddments in an envelope to use. I really ought to do some more as they look very vibrant. Of course the issue then was finding paper to match. The purple is from Papermania hand made paper range and the turquoise is WRMK Tiffany. I put swirls on the middle layer with Glamour Dust which looked very pretty - until I plonked the Nestie square over it. Two diamente gems and a PTI sentiment finished it off.

I've got a few days nose to the grindstone and then a 24 hours with Carys and my Uni friend to look forward to. And then it is full steam ahead essay for a while. But I'll be blogging before that as it is Salt challenge day tomorrow. See you then


Hazel said...

So much loveliness to catch up with since my last visit - crafting and photos - all so lovely. Wow! fancy being able to see the IOW like that - and love the look of the garden - near to sea and fields sounds just right. Hope all the MA work goes OK, as well as everything else you juggle with! x

Lynda said...

I thought the shoe looked like a silk painting Lythan - gorgeous... and is this place Millford? It's so pretty.

Love Lynda xxx

Kathy said...

Oh what a fabulous place to live - if I had that view I'd never more from the window and I'd never tire of looking at it.
Love your shoe card - gorgeous colours - there's something so special about turquoise and purple on silk, they just seem even more vibrant than ever