Saturday, August 11, 2012

The height of summer

In between finishing off my sermon for Sunday and having lunch/doing my share of the cleaning/thinking about some church stuff I have been blog hopping and found Julie Kirk's recent post about
Julie is a very talented scrapper and storyteller. She is a lovely person who helped me out with queries about H's choice of Uni as I noticed from a layout in Scrapbook Inspirations (RIP) that she worked in the department he was thinking of applying to. Yes I am that stalker. And when she relates stories about funny things she has overheard I often wonder if my son said them. And then remember that if he is not in lectures he is in his room so, doubtful. And now son 2 is likely to be heading to the same place and course so I'll have even longer to think this. Except son number 2 is unlikely to say much even in the lecture hall.
Another lovely thing about Julie is that she is the perfect height of 5'2" and a bit. When you are 5'2 that extra bit is all important. Once I was measured at 5'2 and a HALF. I suspect I am slightly less than that really though.
Here I am with absolutely no comparison so I could actually be 6' 2 standing next to a really high hedge
but I am not.
I may look a little self conscious here. I was helping Phil set up for some shots and mucking about when I noticed people staring and that's when he pressed the shutter. Ta mate. I am also not supposed to show this photo as it is from my parents 50th which Phil is editing. Aren't you, Phil?

I always thought I would be 5'7. My mum and dad are both 5'7 so I expected to be too. Without realising at that point that 5'7 is small for a man. And that my mum's brother is smaller than she is so genetically I was hit both ways. Its the Welsh thing. It took me YEARS to come to terms with the fact that the expected growth spurt would not come. And now I am heading for my 50'schances are that at some point I will shrink a bit. To add insult to injury, now Carys has reached at least 5'3 I am the smallest in my family. Again. Although both lads are not going to be as tall as their dad so that's the Welshness coming out again. Sorry boys


Julie Kirk said...

Firstly Lythan ... your dress and shoes are delicious and you look fabulous!

Secondly ... you're too kind, but thank you for such a glowing introduction.

I actually got goosebumps at the idea that I could actually have overheard your son - and that everything is connected! What a small, small world it truly is! [No pun intended!]

Thanks for joining in!

Julie xx

MagsB said...

But you're over 5'! That's TALL to someone who's only 4'10 1/2"! I tell myself that Small is Beautiful, and also it's an excuse to ask a Nice Young Man to reach the top shelf for me in Saino's.

For some reason they always smile when I say "I need someone tall to help me....!"

(What a beautiful dress, btw!)

love Mags B x

Abi said...

This is a lovely post! Hooray for small people! Cute dress too. Abi