Thursday, December 14, 2006

Early Crafty Christmas

Yesterday the postie came with three big boxes of stuff.
It was all craft stuff I had ordered. (blush)
Not Christmas pressies at all.
Which meant I could open them (big grin!)
So what was in the boxes?
Capture the Magic - my first 12x12 album - a really pretty button opening one and two more Crate paper Collections - Birdie (which I already have some of and love, love, love) and Cowboy (oooooh funky muted orange)
Scrapagogo Blonde Moments December kit. It's beautifully packaged. it's gorgeous papers. It's buttons and ribbons and UTEE. There's even a little choccy. What's not to love?
SA kit for December. Jenn went bright and it pad off - it is a nice contrast to all the Christmas stuff. Talking of which - I also ordered from there BG Fruitcake - drool! and a few fun things to tart up!

And my tote should arrive today...

As well as working like a mad thing I've squeezed in a little crafty time. Made a quick card for my friend's 40th tomorrow.Had to take the photo at night because I hand delivered it yesterday. (And got to hold Bethany who is 2 months old, for about 40 minutes. Bliss). Paper and numbers are BG Gypsy. Numbers covered with Jo Sonja glitter medium (or summat like that) Tibbons from my vast ribbon stash although I think some might be Fancy Pants.
Even worse picture (its a white card!). This is one I was asked to make and was inspired by Rachel Turtle and Helen P's cards using heart shapes. The paper is BG Dasher with a Bazzil trunk and a glitter card star at the top. It's also straight....This what I have done with the little Posh Pig journal books. Covered in inked squares of BG Lily Kate, with matching mongram amd little letters. The word 'journal' is done in rubons which didn't really like the texture so ended up looking like very neat stamping! Was going to add ribbons but I actually think a prayer journal should be simple really! I have mod podged itso it feels lovely!
Have written half the Christmas cards and second post doesn't even end until Saturday. This is a Nevard record!


Lynne said...

I love getting goodies. I just about ripped open a big padded envelope this morning from Paper Arts. I was all excited - but couldn't for the life of me remember what I had ordered **blush** - In the nick of time I realise it has DH's name on it not mine :/....... If he has started crafting he can get his own stash ;)

Gillian said...

Hi Lythan,
I love your prayer journal... I've Gotta make me one of those!!!and I've got a few friends I could do them for too... Thanks for the great idea... I really like the heart Christmas tree too, very clever...

Kathy said...

OH wow! How did I miss this yesterday - you've been so busy and made such a lot of lovely stuff....not to mention getting such a LOT of lovely stuff!!!!!

All your books and cards are just fab, I'm lovling the patchwork style, what a great way to use only a little bit of those fabs papers. I got my very first Crate papers in the post today....